zondag 28 februari 2010

vrijdag 26 februari 2010

yeey i won (:

donderdag 25 februari 2010

day with hannelotte (:
i can hardly wait till friday
then ill see my boyfriend again
after two weeks
and i cant sleep cause of my jaw
i was at the dentist (is it dentist?)
and i found out i havent been there for 4 years
so the dentist told me to open my mouth as far as i could
(wich isnt that far)
and since then, my jaw hurts =p
so thats why im posting pictures at night

i got this necklace from my grandma
and i love it.
even though im not really a necklace-kind-of-person

maandag 22 februari 2010

this is wobbe. my dog.
(we named her wobbe, cause my dad likes groover
from sesamstreet.
and when he gets excited he yells 'wobbe wobbe wobbe'
thats why)
wobbe ruined the picture i wanted to make
of two storks on the ice.
baaad wobbe

i really really do
i miss my boyfriendd
and i hate this kind of weather.

zondag 21 februari 2010

i love theseeee. my feet are always warm now!

sometimes, im more hair than girl.

always wanted to make pictures with little lights.
now i did it.
need a next goal
idea's? anybody?

without photoshop my frontyard(is that an actuall word?) doesnt look really cool huh.

new pillowsss

im quite happy, i bought 2 new pillows, cause i wanna be my room just likeee.. this:

it doesnt quite even look like that. so ive got a long way to go. but! the pillows may help

hello toe

HA! i understand now why people have blooogs!
now ive finally got a reason (or just a place) to post this pic.


(cause a lot of lookbookers ask me if my hair is fake) :
nonono my hair is not fake
its not my real hair colour, so the colour is fake yes.
but i think i should have been a redhead instead of a brunette
so thats why i dye my hair.



i have noooo idea what to put on a blog?!
pictures? more lookbook-kinda things?
where do you guys make blogs for?

lemme know


zaterdag 20 februari 2010

in case you were wondering

i made this blog cause some people on lookbook told me to
and i had some spare-time so.. here it is!
and, everyone on lookbook posts underneath the look a link to its blogspot
i cant be the only one without a blogspot, can i?

excuse my lack of english, im a real dutch girl.
the kind of girl that has a lack of english.

so thats it for nowww