vrijdag 30 april 2010

today its Queensday in holland!
so we celebrate our Queens birthday, or something.
im not that into it hahah xd
but me and hannelotte went to the city, walked around
but we couldnt resist the ZARA
so, i got some new clothes!
and new pictures
great day, great friend (:

dinsdag 20 april 2010


someone asked me to write down
some more songs that i like
so, lemme think..
beirut- elephant guns and beirut - sunday smile
both absolutely gorgeous songs, and way different than most songs i know
Antony and the Johnsons - you are my sister
i got this song from my dad, and still love it a lot
regina spektor - samson
billie holiday - i'll be seeing you
i got it from the movie 'the notebook' and makes me wanna dance with my boyfriend
xavier rudd - messages
The honey trees - edelweiss
a beautifull cover by a beautifull girl.
damien rice - the animals were gone
to me, thats one of the prettiest songs.
Bright eyes - lua , Bright eyes - first day of my life, bright eyes - we are nowhere and its now
bright eyes is just brilliant
all songs of Cocorosie
Pete Yorn - lose you
and now i have got to go!

maandag 19 april 2010

the weather is Finally getting better!
so i can (finally) wear my ZARA spring collection tops
wich makes me happy hahah
easily happy, i guess
my weekend was great, the weather was great
and my boyfriend came over
so, a great weekend (:
and the last posts i only posted old pictures
but now i thought i just should post new pictures.
gonna have a beauty-evening with the girls here
im sure its going to be fun haha
so thats it for now!
(oh, and i found out somebody twitters under my name?
the profile page and tweets are on a private page, so i cant see what 'i' tweet
but then you know its not me, in case you saw the tweets)

vrijdag 16 april 2010


(pretty old picture, 2 years ago)
i found out i have too many blogs actually.
and blogs are even more useless if Nobody reads it.
so i thought 'hey, i can share them on my blog'
but, most of it is dutch, cause that just happen to be my language.
so you might not even understand it haha.
but okay! here it comes
blog number one, the first blog i had; http://www.jesuisnadia.blogspot.com/
i havent been posting a lot on it,
and for the last 3 moths i havent posted anything at all actually..
second blog is one about my boyfriend.
he has the talent to make the most weird mistakes while he talks
and i write them down, and put them on my blog.
i think i reaaally have too much spare-time.
hahaha this doesnt make sense. at all.
then i started to write a blog that's about to forget.
or just not to forget. but i have never shared it before.
also, everything is in dutch.
so only the dutch people who read my blog will understand
unless you can translate.
i think thats it for now=p

my boyfriend send me this song. Agnus and Julia Stone - Big jet plane
i listen it over and over again.
im used to listen the same song way too many times.

my parents and actually everyone who's around me gets annoyed sometimes by it.
when i was about 11 years old,

i've been listening to the song Five for Fighting - 100 years for 4 months. only that song.
i dont know why, but i hate it when you have a playlist with so many songs that you cant even really listen to them. i think thats why i listen to the same song way too many times.

zondag 11 april 2010

so im in the clinic since thursday now
but i dont really feel like writing about that(:
the days before thursday were so great
my boyfriend came over, and we went to the cinema
to see 'the book of Eli'
really, you need to see this movie, i loved it
and the weather was finally spring-looking
looking at these pictures from wednesday make me happy(:

maandag 5 april 2010

today's the day that

Today's the day that
the cherry blossom announces spring, that my boyfriend and i are together for 8 months and 3 days, that everyone celebrates Easter, but half do not know what we celebrate, including me, that I learned that you have 2 kinds of people, those who represent a banana by pretending to peel off a banana, and those who bend over for 5 minutes and 'imitate' a banana, that I heard someone on TV say that we naturally dead, that it took me about 54 minutes choosing my clothes, and finally picked what I wore yesterday, and that our dog didn't ate her food

that day is today.