dinsdag 29 juni 2010

boh. just a lot of photos.
today i bought two new fish!
me and yentl named them Sid and Mo.
will post a picture soon xd
and further.. well i havent had any adventures really..
but im happy its such nice weather, cause now every evening
i can go outside (wich we're not allowed to here after 10:p)
but the clinic is near a forrest, and its so pretty(:
so i just sit, and watch trees. wich makes me happy.
ive got hundred little reasons that make me happy

zaterdag 26 juni 2010

hello lookbook again(:

i started lookbook again (: im so nervous of getting negative reactions, but im happy i did it (: so this is my first look;


vrijdag 25 juni 2010

last thursday me and some girls went to Utrecht
a city in holland
to watch the soccer! Netherlands - Kameroen
(dont know how you spell kameroen in english hahha :p)
it was very cool (:
AND the netherlands won! xd 2-1 olee olee haha xd

dinsdag 22 juni 2010


pff haha, a new video. im very tired so thats why i look so tired=p. turn up the volume, cause otherwise i dont think you can hear what i say :p

zaterdag 19 juni 2010

R.I.P Walter Blueberry Jackson. (and co)

a few weeks ago, my fish got sick.
his name was Walter Blueberry Jackson. and the last time i left the clinic
i gave them that fish. he was a fish with these HUGE eyes you know? sort off a goldfish,
but slightly different. veil tail-fish?
so, when i came back here, in the clinic. walter was still there!
(his name is walter, cause i liked the name, blueberry was for his huge eyes,
and jackson because he swom backwards all the time)
but he got sick. and last friday he died.
im pretty sad cause he was really cute, especially for a fish haha=p
but, his fish-friends, Carlo and Nemo got sick too.
and to save them of a painfull slow dead, one of the nurses decided to freeze
nemo and carlo. cause that seemed to be the best dead for a fish. im not sure about that.
anyway, we bury them. (i nearly cried hahah=p)
next week me and yentl will buy two new fishes. im thinking of naming one Koe
thats cow in dutch,

luckly cees is here and we had a great saturday-night.
listening to music, (le festin from ratatouille) and playing the name-a-animal-game
wich goes like this: Ra
T - tuna - ape - eagol (cant think of an animal in english that starts with an L at the moment hahah xd) Etc.
so boh. thats it for now!

donderdag 17 juni 2010


aaahahah i was so nervous xd and i look and talk like an idiot. (especially the end-shot. god. and im not wearing make up or anything, so bleh. sorry=p)

AND! CEES GRADUATED! xd i am soo soo proud of him<3!

dinsdag 15 juni 2010



this is about 2 years ago i guess, me and my friend jolein had the plan to re-make spiderman. but now in a clumsy way. so spidervent means, lets say; spiderbloke. he's fat and clumsy, and every eppisode he has an new enemy and then.. wel thats it. but we didnt got very far haha xd but this is one of our bloopers from the takes we had. in this episode jolein is spidervent, and im treescratcher. the girl who scratches tree's, wich is not allowed offcourse.. so far only jolein and i laugh our asses off when we watch it hahaha xd so i'm curious what you all think!

spiderbloke spiderbloke, does what every spiderbloke does, can he swing from a web, no because he's too faaaaaaaaaat lalalala

donderdag 10 juni 2010

today my boyfriend started biking from his house to my house
(when we travel with the train it takes us about 3 hours)
so today he biked about 10 hours long to his aunt and uncle,
to spend the night there
and then tomorrow, ill go to home,
and he'll bike the last 30 kilometers to my house.
isn't he the coolest boyfriend in the world?xd
im proud of him<3!

dinsdag 8 juni 2010


someone on formspring asked me to upload a picture without photoshop. so this is one. but i must admit, its one of my best. so i also uploaded a video of me and my little sis, about a year ago while we're playbacking 'ramses shaffy - zing lach huil bid' wich means sing laugh cry pray. watching the vid makes me smile haha

a few people asked me to upload pictures from me younger haha
so this is all about 15/16 years old
oh and for those who wanted to know what my hair looked like straighten, see last picture!

donderdag 3 juni 2010

even though my week was/is shitty,
at least i got these wonderfull girls; yentl and annelous here who always cheer me up (:
and offcourse cees, who visited me yesterday (and bought me roses<3!)
mm.. and further. oh! yes, i promised someone to post the lyrics from Jacob white - scarecrow:
Every so oftenmore often than not
you'll find me out walking ,just wandering off
I've been seeing weatherfor all of my days
trust me a scarecrow knows the seasons by name
Every so oftenIt's not seldom observed
find me in the old trainyardwith a picture of her
And If she ever came back here
I don't want to see her afraid
trust me a scarecrow knows the seasons by name
I had a dream, came upon a cave
where i found a box of letters i gave
at one time, you were in there
you left them behind and ran away with your hands on your face
i still remember the taste of your skin
the feel of your heartbeat and the mess we were in
don't you ever come back here i don't want to push you away
i'm just a scarecrow since you went away
as sure as this smile is sewn on my face
i'm just a scarecrow since you went away
very pretty lyric, and song (:
oh and for the dutch people who read my blog, Hans (hannelotte) made a blog too! you should read/follow it
cause she makes very pretty pictures (:
and when cees visited me he borrowed me his pokemon shirt (wich i love haha)

ohyeah, and i will answer questions again on formspring, except the ones that are about my weight and days in the clinic and stuff. just ask me the funny silly questions that make me giggle and laugh (: