zaterdag 31 juli 2010

last wednesday it was my younger sister her 15th birthday (:
so i was allowed to go home for 2 days, and celebrate her birthday with her
she loves bodyscrubs and masks and stuff
so she got a lot of that :p
and so we all putted on a mask, and made a pic hahah
it looks quite silly, but it was fun.
after that we watched I love you, Man.
wich was cool (:

and i've got a new look

donderdag 29 juli 2010


so! i decided to keep on blogging,
and also formspringing, but i will delete all the 'questions'
that are questions that does not make me smile.
cause thats what's my formspring for.
so yeah well, thats it (:

woensdag 28 juli 2010

dear people who read my blog.
the last few days/weeks i got more and more negative comments.
people who tell me i looked better when i was skinny, people who ask me everything about food, about weight, about weightloss, about what i do apart from being in a clinic, and so much more.
and now there are those 'negative' comments. i call them 'negative' because i think theyre judged by people who cant judge me about some things. but i also agree that if my blog affects people too much, and if there are too many girls with eating disorders who watch my blog and want to lose weight because of me and see me as their role model to lose weight, then i will quit blogging and formspringing.
I was skinny, i see that now. but now i reached my healthy weight, and i think those girls should see that.
Apart from that, i actually want to say that im sort of pissed off. people who told me i should get a 'real life' instead of this 'internet life' because i dont do school. You guys do not even know why i dont do school, so you Shouldnt judge me about that.
I see this whole internet thing as something for fun, just posting some pictures, answering some silly questions. It seems like people think i 'live' here. i do not. i have my life with cees and my family and friends.
so i decided to ask You all what you think. I absolutely dont want to affect girls who allready have the sensitivity to get an eating disorder to really get one, so i am willing to stop this whole blog and internet thing, if you guys think that is better (:
for me, this blog isnt that important=p it was ment to be fun. so im okay with quitting too.
i never ment to hurt Anyone, and never ment to offend anyone. so two options
1- i quit, or 2- i keep on blogging.
but then i do not want to have this whole thing with people who blame me for them having an eating disorder now because of me. cause i am Not responsible.
i hope you all understand why i wrote this message, and i hope you dont find me rude.
with love.
nadia esra

maandag 26 juli 2010

pic 1 ; maldo and cees/ pic 2,3,4 new zara jumpsuit/ pic 5 me and my ceesinna
so again, the weekend is over. i havent posted for a while, cause i didnt felt really good. just a little sad. but now its more okay i guess. i always feel sad when the weekend is over, cause it means i have to miss cees for 5 days again. wich is hard sometimes. but the weekend was wicked again, as always (: cees wasnt really happy with picture 5, but it makes me smile haha. i felt sad, and he said 'you wanna put make up on my face? will that make you smile again?' so i said yes and started to make my boyfriend look like a girlfriend haha. i felt better :p
last thursday we (me and girls from clinic) went to Utrecht to go shopping, wich was very cool. and i bought some new Zara jumpsuits (: i love them lalala. should i post the pictures of it on lookbook? im not sure because you cant reaaally see my jumpsuit that well. let me know!
at the moment i listen a lot to this song. i think its very pretty. i keep listening it over and over again.
and if you want to smile you should watch Eddie Izzard! think he's pretty cool haha:p
oh and i will try to respond again on fromspring! cause i havent for a while. sorry!

woensdag 21 juli 2010

hope for the hopeless

maandag 19 juli 2010

(and im super dumb haha, cause when i first posted this, you could see my boob
wich i didnt noticed untill someone said, hey i can see your boob
so i photoshopped that away haha)

woensdag 14 juli 2010

visit from irisss!

oh saaad little emo-looking-girls
heh, what do you meeeeeaaan
boe <3 bolle (we used to call ourselves boe (boo) and bolle:p)
making of boe<3 bolle
iris is working on it
hahaha xd

its actually a few weeks ago allready, but now ive got the pictures(:
iris made them with her iphone, so heee quality!
iris came to visit me, and it was just such fun
she's the only one who has exactly the same weird sense of humor as me
so i love seeing her=p
the last pic is a bit odd haha, but i was trying to look like an
evil rabbit from hell.
thats because iris her rabbit passed away, and he was about 13years old
and he never never wanted to die!
and he smelled just awfully much and stuff
and now he passed away, iris is seeing rabbits everywhere
so we pretended Robbie (thats the rabbits name)
was trying to follow her in his afterlife
so he was the evil rabbit from hell.. and i tried to look like it
you think i look like it?
(pretty sure nobody gets it:p but its funny to me and iris)

dinsdag 13 juli 2010

fewww websites i like;
its dutch, but its from a very pretty girl (lisa) who writes just awesomely pretty
and i love to read her blog.
thats from hannelotte, my friend, its her other blog (:
thats a very nice online shop

i made wobbe do some tricks! isnt she suuuuper cute xd<3

yentl left the clinic last thursday
so we felft like we hááád to make some pictures (:
and it was funny, and im happy with the result
i did now photoshopped any of them, and they still the light and colours look lovely
(at least in my opinion haha)
ill miss her a lot

zondag 11 juli 2010

new look(:

new outfit! (it was so fun to paint my legs:p)
more pics later

woensdag 7 juli 2010

hurray! netherlands - spain it will be!
haha i watched the soccer game netherlands - uruguay
(heh how do you write that?)
with cees. wich was so cool, cause normally im not allowed to
go somewhere else during the working days (monday-friday)
and i missed him so much, so i could huuuugggg him for a day!
cause i only had to be here again this morning(:
so that was wicked(:
and i always get excited at the wrong moments when i watch soccer
and i dont know anything about it haha.
but i like the atmosphere (haha wehh help, my english)
so sunday, ill cover myself in orange, and yell at the televisionnn!
and this evening my sis came to visit me, wich made me happy
cause i dont see her often!
and now cees is calling me so im off (:
so i feel fine(:

maandag 5 juli 2010


silly video from me and cees in my bed haha. i miss you

yentl drawed me and her xd <3
new look @ lookbook:

h&m shirt, coolcat jeggings, le ballon boots, sisters jacket

my older sis took pictures of me, and i wanted wobbe
to be in the pic with me, but she didnt felt like it :p
(she did wanted to be alone in a pic hahha, lovely wobwob)
on sunday i almost always take pictures.
so this sunday wasnt an exception.
my weekend was pretty cool(:
cees and i went to the cinema to see shrek 4!
those kind of movies are my favourites haha.
just the silly kind of movies, that make you feel happy and carefree.
and! offcouuuurseeehhh Netherlands- Brazillie, we won!
hahaha this was the first time i got exited during a match, i yelled stuff like
'left! right, kick it! run faster! penalty!' without knowing what i said.
and when the netherlands win, the whole city goes to a rotunda, covered in orange clothes
and then orange cars drive around the rotunda. well its very silly, but funny at the same time.
i felt sorry i forgot my camera, but i made a few pics with my mobile phone
ill post them soon.
well that was sort off my weekend (: