dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

on the boat

we were going to the restaurant, and it was such bad weather that day
so we had to dress up like this to get there trough the rain and wind
it was fun tough!
stoooormy weather haha xd

cees and i with the yurt in the back!

i fed up that white bird haha he loved the bread i gave him xd
boyfriend feeding the birds (:
so i am back from my holiday-wekend with cees
and it must have been one of the best holidays ive had so far haha.
it felt like i could finally breathe there.
and i allready miss the air and the being together with cees
we went to the sea a few times to watch the water and sand.
A yurt is such a dream-house-sort-off-thing, its round, comfy
warm, and just so nice to be.
you should visit it sometimes! www.texelyurts.nl
anyway we just had a great time (:

maandag 30 augustus 2010

im back from my holidays
and those 4 days must have been
a few of the best in my life
i will post pictures soon, cause im tired now
and im off to sleep (:

woensdag 25 augustus 2010

the reasons all have run away but the feeling never did

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

sorry for the lack of updates for so long!
i will try to update more often (:
but friday 27th i will go on a long weekend holiday
with cees!
i am sooo looking forward to it, 4 days together and close to the beach (:
we will have our holiday in a yurt!
wich looks like this below(:

oeoeoeoeoeoeeoe looking fooooorrrwaaaarddd! and i updated my tumblr =p

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010

cees making dinner

this weekend cees was back from his holidays!
i missed him a lot, and i was so happy to see him again (:
he was home alone, so we had the whole house for ourselves haha
(and i had all the time to cuddle their rabbitt)
just had a lot of fun, and been to Harley Davidson-day
wich is in his hometown.
pretty funny to see all those leather-jacked mans.
then we went to my home, and didnt do anything anymore haha:p
and now im back in the clinic.
but because im almost done here, i go home thursday allready(:
7 september i will go home again. finally.
so boh. weekends are just good to have.

vrijdag 13 augustus 2010

i made a tumblr.

after quite some people who said
i should make a tumblr
i made one. just to see what's its like.
when i do not like it, i'll stop it haha=p
i don't really get the point of it yet, so i'll just uploade some pictures
and i think the 'reblogging' thing might be cool too.
then i will reblog photo's i like or something? hahaha
we'll see!

donderdag 12 augustus 2010

aaaah i miss him so much. but tomorrow he will come back (:
oh and i promised someone on my formspring to post a pic
of my bracelets! so finally person on formspring, here it is!
from left to right, the first one is one i got from hannelotte, she brought it
from italy. the second one is one i got from my aunt,
when i had a bit of a shitty time. its a pandora bracelet, and i have
'hope love faith' on it. and one with 18, cause i turned 18 =p
the last one is one i got from cees. and i always wear those three haha
except cees' bracelet, cause it broke. now its in my room(:

dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

and then there is this 16 year old girl, who also drawed me
i think she has a really special way of drawing, and its pretty(: so thanks so much!

This girl drawed a portrait of me! i really love it, so a biggg thank you! (:
this is her deviantart: http://ritsu--chan.deviantart.com/
and i have now 1000 (and 3) followers!
i never expected to get so many followers?! so thank you all (:

maandag 9 augustus 2010


i just came out of the shower, and im still im my pyamas, but i thought i just showed you that i dont do a lot to get my hair the way it is haha=p hope it's an answer to your questions!

zondag 8 augustus 2010

new look on lookbook (:

just have chatted on the phone with cees, who is in italy
so i can not talk very long to him, cause its expensiiiiiive!
but i miss him so so so much=p

i've had a pretty busy weekend this time!
cees is on holiday, so i decided to see a lot of friends
on friday night i went to finnegans, an irish pub, with hannelotte
i had'nt seen her for a while, and it was just so nice to see her again(:
on saturday i did nothing, except that my best friend jolein turned 18!
so i took her to the movie, inception. just a reaaaaallly cool movie haha!
i love going to the movies, and it was great to see her again too.
and today my friend Esther visited me
we talked a lot, and went to the city, where some weird party was going on
when we were driving back to my home with the bus
i saw an older man with a grumpy face sitting
in front of him two womans
and i saw his hand going towards the neck of the woman in front of him
and he tickled her neck veeeery subtile, with his face in the exact same
grumpy expression.
and she scratched her neck, wondering what that feeling was.
the smile on the grumpy-man-face was absolutely worthy to remember hahah

when i think about these little silly things,
and about how great my friends, family and boyfriend are, i just feel intensly happy (:

zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

Regina spektor - summer in the city
Summer in the city means cleavage cleavage cleavage
And I start to miss you, baby, sometimes
I've been staying up and drinking in a late night establishment
Telling strangers personal things
Summer in the city, I'm so lonely lonely lonely
So I went to a protest just to rub up against strangers
And I did feel like coming but I also felt like crying
It doesn't seem so worth it right now
And the castrated ones stand in the corner smoking
They want to feel the bulges in their pants start to rise '
At the site of a beautiful woman they feel nothing but
Anger, her skin makes them sick in the night nauseaous, nauseaous, nauseaous
Summer in the city, I'm so lonely lonely lonely
I've been hallucinating you, babe, at the backs of other women
And I tap on their shoulder and they turn around smiling
But there's no recognition in their eyes
Oh summer in the city means cleavage cleavage cleavage
And don't get me wrong, dear, in general I'm doing quite fine
It's just when it's summer in the city,
and you're so long gone from the city
I start to miss you, baby, sometimes
When it's summer in the city
And you're so long gone from the city
I start to miss you, baby, sometimes
I start to miss you, baby, sometimes
I start to miss you, baby, sometimes

maandag 2 augustus 2010

today cees and i have been together for a year now!
and he bought me roses haha xd so cute.
i look a bit tooo happy but thats okay.
tonight we´ll go to a restaurant, and then spend the last night together
cause after this day cees wil go on holiday, and i won´t see him for 2 weeks.
so bluh, that sucks. but oh well dont think about that yet!