zondag 31 oktober 2010

hahahah, so here my 'halloween-look'
i felt so dumb while making those pictures xd
the camera had low battery, so i only had 5 minutes or so.
and then it was sunset, wich means i can not make pictures in my room anymore
because of the bad light.
but oh well xd
i actually planned to go to a halloween party with cees
but because of his fever we could not go, shame!
have you all celebrated halloween?
cause i think i would have liked it (:

zaterdag 30 oktober 2010


i just watched 'Extras' Christmas Special with my dad
it's an television serie, that has been produced by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant
(who also made 'The Office'. although many people only know the American version
the British version is waaaay better in my opinion, so if you don't know it watch a part of The Office )
and it's just so well done, i love it.
sometimes i even feel embarrased of how they act hahah.
HERE is a short part of Andy and Maggie. (i love maggie)
a few of Maggie's odd 'would you rather' questions;
1 - Would you rather have a bionic arm or a bionic leg?
2 - Would you rather die of the cold of die of the heat?
3 - Would you rather have your face and body but the brain of a chimpanzee or be a chimpanzee but have your human brain?
4 - Would you rather wake up and find your teeth have fallen out or your hair has fallen out?
5 - Would you rather be a penguin who's a bird but can't fly or a flying fish that's a fish that can fly a bit?
oh yes, i love maggie (:

my shoes and some of my clothes

i just miss you sometimes

vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

i just uploaded a new header picture
it is my older sister and me, when we were pretty young
and hahah, when i see it, i just smile. it's such a silly picture xd
and i am so, so bored, that i am going to do one of those 'question-lists'.
some people said they would like me to do one, and normally
i am a bit against those lists.
but now, i am bored, so i made one myself.
here it comes;
be traped in a microwave or a fridge - fridge
pick up cow poo or dog poo - cow poo
have two left hands or two right hands - two right hands, then i would be handy
be blind or deaf - i can't pick
lick your own armpit or lick someone elses armpit - my own
a boy - yes
a girl - no
a frog - no
a dog - yes
a stranger - no
the floor - yes
the webcam ( or computer screen ) - yes
rudely interrupted while speaking - not that rudely, but yes
left heartbroken - no
awake for more than 24 hours - yes
in a magazine - no
walking on the street with your knickers on your head - yes
so happy that you could die - yes
peed in your pants - no
pooped in your pants - no
laughed till you cried - yes
cried till you laughed - yes
broke your heart - no
broke someone elses heart - i think i might have
send an anonymous loveletter - yes hahah
been in prison - no xd
seen a goldfish commit suicide - yes
broke your wrists - no
made your own campfire - yes
mad - no
asian - no
dumb - yes
silly - yes
happy - yes
bored - yes
cool - no
ill - yes
nervous - yes
now it's your turn! copy it, and fill it in (:

donderdag 28 oktober 2010

videoCentrerenjust a video message,
to let you all know i am flattered you follow my blog (:
i am a little ill and not wearing make up, but okay
and the poll voting thing isn't quite handy
so i am going to remove it. i sort of figured out allready
that about 98% of my readers is a girl:p

got back earlier than i thought i would from cees
because he has a fever, and now so do i, again.
we were both in his bed caughing and grumpy hahah
so i decided it was better to go back home again.
but now i miss him allready
Anyway! i made a poll on my blog
because i was wondering how many people who read my blog
are actually girls!
cause it looks like 99% is a girl? xd
so i would love you to vote (:

dinsdag 26 oktober 2010

i just saw the movie 'how to train your dragon' with my sis and dad
and i still can't help but falling in love with all those animated movies hahah
i want a dragon like toothless too!
even though that sounds a little bit childish xd
watch the trailer

maandag 25 oktober 2010

creepy old bathroom

you embraced my emptiness with both arms.

i finally pushed myself to not be afraid
and make pictures of someone else!
so this is my sister, and i actually am happy with the pictures
i think she is beautiful
i would love to hear what you all think=p
especially photography-wise?

today we celebrated my mom's birthday with the family
(her birthday was friday)
so it was quite a day full of people in our house and stuff
and i bought my mom a CD of Ramses Shaffy
lovely lovely looovely mama (:
cees had to go home today, so i will have to sleep in a half empty bed.
but tuesday, i'll go to his place. looking forward to it, because there is a fair in his town!
and even though i'm afraid of almost all attractions, i like the atmostphere
anddd...i found this programm back!
hahah, it is called poladroid, and it's just a program you can download
and then you get a tiny polaroid-icon thing, and you have to drag your picture in it
then it makes a lot of noise, and then you really get a polaroid picture!
(like the ones above)
and i love polaroids(: i wish i had a polaroid camera, maybe someday i'll have one.
you can download it for free right here

and now i am going to sleep, while listening for the 100th time to Bridget Jones

zondag 24 oktober 2010

just one more dance, to help me sleep
and make my nightmares go away

zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

he said he loves me
i kissed his nose

vrijdag 22 oktober 2010

pretty old picture with cees when we were in portugal.
i dyed his hair dark brown now, and its quite cool actually hahah
next week we are getting a new bathroom, so then i move to cees his home
because i can't shower here for a week :p
anyway, then i'm not sure if i will post a lot then
and now im cold and grumpy.

woensdag 20 oktober 2010

i danced with you, without legs to dance with
i hugged you, without touching
we sang for eachother, but were both deaf
we laughed and cried, without emotions
we just were there, without being there

dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

i've had a great day with you (:
i will keep updating my playlist!
so if you want to see more songs, just look at the post once in a while
and maybe there is something new.
now i am really tired, and i slept before we had dinner
when i woke up i thought it was morning haha.
i am happy i have seen some of my best friends the last few days.
really happy.

maandag 18 oktober 2010

playlist UPDATED 7th OF MAY

Paolo nutini - autumn
Paolo nutini - white lies
Beirut - sunday smile
Beirut - elephant gun
Regina Spektor - summer in the city
Regina Spektor - lady
Regina Spektor - prisoners
Regina Spektor - blue lips
Regina Spektor - on the radio
Regina Spektor - somedays
Regina Spektor - us
Damien rice - the animals were gone
Damien rice - sleep dont weep
Damien rice - accidental babies
Billie holiday - i'll be seeing you
50 first dates - Forgetfull lucy
Bon iver - stacks
Band of Horses - the funeral
Robert francis - junebug
Hundred little reasons
Sia - sunday
Sia - breathe me
Sia - soon we'll be found
Seabear - i sing i swim
Seabear - hands remember
Carla bruni - quelquun ma dit
Rose - la liste
Xavier rudd - messages
Waylon - Johnny cash cover
The honey trees - edelweiss
The princess and the frog - dig a little deeper
Wim Mertens - the fosse
Ludovico Einaudi - i giorni
P.s i love you soundtrack
Wim Mertens - no testament
Bright eyes - we are nowhere and its now
Bright eyes - lua
Bright eyes - Landlocked blues
Bright eyes - train under water
Bright eyes - the first day of my life
Mason jennings - wich way your heart will go
The killers - read my mind
The killers - romeo and juliet
The killers - for reasons unknown
John Mayer - the heart of life
Nat king cole - Love
Antony and the johnsons - you are my sister
Antony - tribute to lennard cohen
Cocorosie - beautiful boyz
Cocorosie - terrible angel
Cocorosie - jesus loves me
Soko - i'll kill her
Soko - take my heart
Soko - shitty day
Jack johnson - banana pancakes
Jack johnson - i can tell that we are going to be friends
The white stripes - i can tell that we are going to be friends
Tom Trauberts - waltzing mathilda
John Legend - this time
Zee avi - bitter heart
Jet - hold on
Buddy holly - everyday
Johnny cash - hurt
Oren lavi - her morning elegance
Joshua radin - fear you wont fall
Joshua radin - Friend like you
Brett dennen - she's mine
Joe brooks - apple
Fiona apple - nothings going to change my world
Lykke li - tonight
James - getting away with it all messed up
Sufjan stevens - put the lights on the trees
Christina aguilera - save me from myself
The weepies - gotta have you
Tom waits - lullaby
foo fighters - razor
The kooks - seaside
Imogen heap - speeding cars
Editors - racing rats
the streets - dry your eyes
the streets - never went to church
dr hook - Sylvia's mother
come wander with me
Joshua radin - what if you
A fine frenzy - Hope for the hopeless
A fine frenzy - near to you
A fine frenzy - the well
A fine frenzy - allmost lover
The killers - all these things that i've done
E'TYL - j'me fais mal
The moldy peaches - anyone else but you
The moldy peaches - nothing came out
Josh pyke - middle of the hill
the maccabees - toothpaste kisses
city of angels -colourblind
hugh grant - don't write me off
the eels - birds
the eels - i need some sleep
the eels - novacaine for the soul
the eels - i want to protect you
city and colour - the girl
hellogoodbye - oh it is love
hellogoodbye - baby it's fact
priscilla ahn - dream
janis joplin - mercedes benz
reamonn - supergirl
gary jules - mad world
saybia - i surrender
feist - 1234
jason wade - you belong to me
nearer my god to thee
makino yui - omna magni
five for fighting - 100 years
abdullah - the wedding
avett brothers - murder in the city
bjork - its oh so quiet
robin hood - not in nottingham
the eels - beautiful freak
the eels - my beloved monster and me
truman show
flogging molly - far away boys
helen sjöholm - gabriellas song <>Jack johnson - with my own two hands
laputa - castle in the sky
forrest gump theme song
say it aint so, joe
Pan's labyrint - mercedes lullaby
playradioplay! - elephants as big as whales
first aid kit - hard believer
first aid kit - youre not coming home tonight
R.E.M - everybodys hurt
spirited away - always with me
the corpse bride - victors piano solo
the cranberries - zombie
white winter hymal - fleet foxes cover
feist - 1234
cat power - the greatest
Agnus and julia stone - big jet plane
Nuon - niemand commercial
the neverhood - rock'n roll dixie
the hereafter - back where i was
ane brun feit teitur - rubber and soul
the killers - sams town
marina and the diamonds - i am not a robot
lisa mitchell - neopolitan dreams
ane brun - to let myself go
cocorosie - lyla
blue man group and dave matthews - sing along
bon iver - stacks
laura marling - cross your fingers

kate bloom - come here
death cab for cutie - lack of colour
agnus and julia stone - cigarettes and chocolate
belle and sebastian - step into my office
bifnaked- lucky
big bad voodoo daddy - save my soul
bob dylan - man in me
dont worry i'm yours
never leave your heart alone
cat stevens - tea for the tillerman
cat stevens - im on my way
chris stills - ce qui me touche
i take a look at my enormous penis
angels and airwaves - the adventure
lovedrug - goodbye blue fly
lovedrug - pretend you're alive
the rescuers disney - someone's waiting for you
françoise hardy - tous le garçons
gregory and the hawk - boats and birds

sparks - hospitality on parade
tony bocken - i take you to my dream
claire denamur - in the mood for l'amour
lisa hannigan - i don't know
lisa hannigan - pistachio
peter gabriel - down to earth
peter gabriel - the book of love
plastic bertrand - ce plane pour moi
all angels - send in the clowns
teddybears - cobrastyle
jesus blood never failed me yet
travis - why does it always rain on me
ugly kid joe - i hate everything about you
wolf parade - you are a runner and i am my fathers son
agnes obel - riverside
hans zimmer - true romance
the strokes - i'll try anything once
beirut and wiz khalifa - say yeah < strange but it works!!
james blake - a case of you
devendra banhart - baby

eels - i want to protect you

aqualung - easier to lie
gotye - somebody i used to know
mumford and suns - winter winds
eddie vedder - society
chris isaak - wicked game
lana del rey - video games
lana del rey - blue jeans
birdy - shelter
birdy - people help the people
crystal fighters - plage
blue october - calling you acoustic version
pearl jam - just breathe
tom trauberts - waltzing mathilda
alexander - truthfiona apple - you belong to me
fiona apple - i know
ane brun - little lights
bahamas - sunshine blues
bahamas - already yours
jack white - two against one
nick cave - o childrencharles trenet - boum
radiohead - no suprises
lucy rose - nightbus
tangled soundtrack - i see the light
amatorski - come home
little miss sunshine soundtrack - how it ends
tish hinojosa - donde voy
jamie t- sheila
otis redding - your precious love
al green - how can you mend a broken heart
daphne loves derby - cue the sun
ane brun - lullaby for grown ups

lisa - more strawberries

micah p hinson - seven horses seen
avi buffalo - one last
patrick watson - je te laisserai des mots
patrick watson - big bird in a small cage
johnny cash - the beast in me
johnny cash - folsom prison blues
greg holden - lost boy
boy and bear - fall at your feet
luck fonz III - ik heb een meisje
lucky fonz III - jongens
lucky fonz III - boris
lucky fonz III - hou je nog van mij
manu chao - mama call
lucky fonz III - hel
feist - mushaboom
asaf avidan - one day
ed sheeran and passenger - no diggity/thrift shop
roosbeef - warum
roosbeef - onder invloed
dexter - astors birthday party
stef bos - goed om hier te zijn
yann tiersen - life on mars
bon iver - flume remix
 gogol bordello - trough the roof and under ground
parov stelar - the mojo radio gang  
micah p hinson - beneath the rose 

 hahah this took me quite some time,
but now you can just click on the song and then you can listen to it!
i have sooo much more songs i love, but i always use youtube, and never download
i should, cause now i have forgotten a lot of songs i dont want to forget

7 times silly

7 silly facts
  1. i once talked to a mannequin, i thought it was an employee of the store.
  2. i did a wish when i blew a nosehair off my finger. it seems to work when you use eyelashes.
  3. i have been a little addicted to toothpaste for a while
  4. i once dreamed harry potter flew into my room on his broomstick and took me with him. hermoine was jealous.
  5. when i was younger, i collected miniature pokemons. i have 62 of them, and still have them.
  6. when i play bord-games, i get really mean and bitchy.
7 silly pictures

7 silly talents
  1. i can wiggle my eyebrows
  2. i can bite off my toenails
  3. i'm pretty good at bejeweled
  4. i'm also pretty good at tetris
  5. and doodle jump
  6. i can move my little toe apart from the others.

7 silly songs
  1. my lack of updates
  2. crabs
  3. enormous penis
  4. i've got a jar of dirt
  5. ode to joy
  6. big and chunky
  7. special ed

we're together and alone at the same time.

zondag 17 oktober 2010

i've spend some time on tumblr the last few days
and it makes me sad, and happy at the same time.
all the things those people write,
the pictures people make and post.
and how many people seem to feel alone, feel different, and feel sad.
how many people want their lifes to be different than they are.
how many people seem to have eyes for the things they dón't have.
i think happiness is not getting what you want, but wanting what you get.

my mom forced me to wear jeans, because its too cold to wear leggings now :p

it really is autumn now. the colours everywhere are the prettiest thing about autumn
at least, in my opinion (:
my mom and i went to thom.
we have him for a year now, and he's as sweet as a pony can be (:
and im absolutely not sure about my new-new header picture.
so it probably keeps changing untill i have something better
something different, i would love you all to do
i got an email from this girl Jayne.
she wants her best friend to win in a competition on facebook
but she needs more votes. she has reasons to ask me to promote this on my page
and i dont know her or something haha
but i think it won't hurt anyone to help right?
only bad thing is, i have no facebook account, so i personally can not vote
but i think it would be cool if you all would vote for the girl?
only things you need to do are:
1. click on the Like button on this Facebook page: click here (you need to do this to do the next step)
2. click the hype button for this photo click here
would be really cool if you would!