vrijdag 31 december 2010

This year
i did not finally learn how to dance

i did not win a 100 million dollar
( wich would be weird anyway because we have the euro here)

i did not had a date with johnny deppor rupert grint

but this year i did met yentl and annelous!

i did had my one year anniversary with ceesi did bought the cutest bunny and messmaker in the world

i did had great times with hannelotte

and with jolein
and esther

and iris
so after all, i can say i had a great year, with those lovely people
(and i haven't even named my parents sisters dog and so on haha xd)

so i wish you all, a very happy new year (:

woensdag 29 december 2010

today, i've bought hairclips for melle
because she can hardly see with all the hair before her eyes haha
so even though it looks a little silly (but cute as well xd) she walks around
with hair clips now!

yesterday evening jolein visited me
and we made some crappy pictures with my webcam
and i actually like making pictures like these more than the 'normal' pics i guess!

maandag 27 december 2010

picture three - i finally could take a picture of the surprise cees made for me with Sinterklaas!
it's texel, the place where cees and i were on holidays.
i think it's so well made!
picture four - a doll cees his mom made for cees as a surprise
it's me! hahah xd so he could cuddle a doll instead of me when we're not together
picture six -i can make a fishbone braid, i can make a fishbone braaaaid

zaterdag 25 december 2010

merry christmas everyone from melle and me (:

vrijdag 24 december 2010

i thought i'd share this lovely short movie (:

for sale!

topshop thing
brand: topshop
size: S, but fits like M
price: 20 euro
condition: almost new, i wore it twice
green thing

striped trousers
brand: ?
size: 36
price: 10
condition: it's quite old, but i never wore it

hawai shorts
brand: zara
size: 34
price: 10 euro
condition: good!

all prices exclusive shippingcosts (did i spelled that right?)
i am not shipping world-wide yet,
so if you are dutch, and would like to buy something
let me know, and send me an e-mail:

donderdag 23 december 2010

new look on lookbook click !

some nice online shops (:

thats all allready haha, because i don't do a lot of internet shopping

i've just had a very strange pretty dream
i was in a sort of place, with a sunset that stayed for hours
and well. i thought 'i'm going to tell my dream on my blog!'
but i can't explain how pretty it was haha. so nevermind

woensdag 22 december 2010


we thought she looked a bit like Umbridge from Harry Potter

i wish all the central stations looked like this(:

kind of a silly picture, taken by someone we saw on the streets =p

christmas markets!

i'm back home again.
Sunday cees and i went to Antwerp for a mini-break till monday
and it was just lovely (:
It's such a pretty place, with all the old buildings, and kind people
and i love the belgium accent, it sounds sweet.
we both didn't know our way around there, so we had to ask many people
where we were :p
there are so many nice vintage shops,
and i have discovered a new shop i think i love, Pull and Bear.
Really cool (:
and now i miss it haha
all i can say is that i hope i'll go back there soon.