vrijdag 28 januari 2011

bunny's and clothes

second picture is the little house cees made for melle (:

new lookbook look
sweater, floral blouse and heels are from zara
leather backpack from marktplaats.nl
overknees HEMA

donderdag 27 januari 2011

odd post.

i just discovered fifi-lapin.
it's such an original idea, and it's cute as well!
you should really take a look at the blog of fifi lapin
even though you probably already knew her haha.

i've been thinking about the whole blogs thing
cause before this week, i never really watched any other blog.
just because i did not really know why i actually would.
but eventually i became curious.
so i did some research on bloglovin.com, and found among other fifi lapin.
most blogs are about fashion, and full of pictures of clothes, and fashion shows
my blog is more kind of an online diary?
but i thought that was the 'average' subject.
it seems to be not.
so i felt a little odd haha
(and so is this post, because when i read back, it does not have a punch line)

dinsdag 25 januari 2011

Peugeot and national geographic exposition

wauw, i've just been to the exposition of my picture that was in the
peugeot and national geographic competition.
they were exposed in the peugeot experience centre
so there were a lot of cars that some people would love haha
i did not won, but it was amazing to see a picture i made thát big!
and i think the winning pictures deserved it anyway.
but i did got a goodybag!
with some cool stuff from national geographic.
anyway, it was really cool (:

maandag 24 januari 2011

i went to zara and i boughtt...

oh zara you're lovely

zondag 23 januari 2011

cees and i started to make-over my room.
so my picture-wall (wich was blue before) is beige now!
and these colours are so much more peacefull then the purple pink and blue haha.
still have got a lot to do.

oh, i did a lot of zara-sale shopping
that really really made my day hahaha
i'll take pictures tomorrow.

i have never met someone like cees before
the last months we've almost been 24/7 together, and still
i miss him now he's not here, and thats just a few hours.
i miss the feel of his heartbeat, and the lights and clouds on his ceiling.

maandag 17 januari 2011

from now on you can also follow me with bloglovin'
(seems to be quite handy?)
and, i made a youtube account to upload the 'video's' i have.
for better quality.
you can find my youtube channel HERE

any suggestions (again) for new posts?
always welcome.

zondag 16 januari 2011

just came back from a cabaret show
if you're dutch, you should deff go,
it's cool, amazingly creative and very funny (:

my heating is broken, so it was pretty cold!
luckly i have my fake fire thing, wich cees bought me a year ago
but while warming up i let melle out of her cage
(otherwise i can not sleep cause she has tooo much energie haha)
and she lied down so cute on her belly, that i had to capture it with my webcam
it's crappy quality, but she's so cute haha xd
i really want to film her so much moe, cause she's being cute all the time


zaterdag 15 januari 2011

wednesday, cees and i traveled to his home i don't like traveling by train, it makes me nervous haha.
then i had some nice days with him and truly,
i never met someone that made me feel so comfortable
i can be totally myself, all the time.
and he is also the first one i can be together with for two whole weeks
and still be alive after those two weeks :p
yesterday we went to the city, and i bought a very comfy long sweater and the red hat
with the fake rose.
and! i've just bought the red leather backpack (:
and then me and my sister took the train back to my town
(she lives in the same place as cees)

and, i got an e-mail from Peugeot and Nathional Geographic
You remember the contest i was in?
i ended as one of the 25 best in my category
so my photo will be exposed!
and then i'll hear if i won or not too :p
so i am pretty excited! i didn't know the pictures would be exposed as well!
so again, thanks for voting (:

donderdag 13 januari 2011

i found this picture on tumblr, somewhere and i loved it
because most of the time, this is how cees and i are.
sometimes i'm the left, and sometimes he is hahah

i still get a lot of questions if i could post pictures of my room on my blog
but i am not going too, yet.
because my room is kinda crappy-coloured,
because a few years ago my sister moved out
and i got her room. but i still did not made it 'mine'
wich means, my bed is there, but there's almost no furniture
cees and i are (slowly) make-over-ing my room.
when i did that, i'll post pictures.

sorry for having nothing that makes sense to tell