vrijdag 25 februari 2011

hahah some time ago cees and i were talking about how often he changes his haircolour
so i thought i'd make a collage from cees trough the years
since he 's my boyfriend
and this is the result!
it's so funny he looks quite different almost every month!
anyway i think he's incredible handsome anyway, everyway, any month and any day (:
(oh and, click for bigger)

woensdag 23 februari 2011

More strawberries

having a bunny is lovely, but the sharp nails aren't haha

this is a song by lisa
normally i find it weird to listen to songs people i know made
but this one is just so pretty (:
if anyone has a lovely song for me, please share!

for this month, february, i decided not to shop
and (even though i did not expected it) i almost made it!
selfdicipline, hurray hahah

zaterdag 19 februari 2011

Blog Birthday!

it is so cold! i really want some summer now, please!
(or spring, thats okay as well)
i don't think i'll be posting tomorrow,
but tomorrow my blog excists for exactly one year!
thought that had to be said haha :p
Cees is coming over in a few hours, and then we'll cuddle till..
well. untill we get annoyed or something hahah

vrijdag 18 februari 2011

i'm having a pyama-day
because i'm very tired, and now feeling so well.
yesterday my mom and me hung up a stick
so i could do this:
and i love it hahah.
oh and, a few weeks ago, someone came up
with the idea of posting my favourite clothes.
so now, here they come!
(even though they're not the best quality,
i'm in my pyama, and so on)

this is my moms old dress, one of the things i wear the most.
my boyfriends' all saints sweater.
i love the colour, on this pic you can not really see the rusty colour it has
this wolf sweater is also from Cees haha
he does never wear it anymore, so he gave it to me.
it's just nice and warm, and you can almost combine it with everything
not the best pic:p but it's a dress i bought a few years ago.
i actually don't wear it very often..
i should!
the best, the warmest, the biggest sweater everrrr
on this picture it does not really look as pretty as it is
it's very pretty made
i love high waisted skirts!
especially this one, with the braces, and the little wooden buttons
my kitten dress (:
i bought it almost 3 or 4 years ago in a shop in Greece
and it's just too cute haha
even though it's just a simple cardigan,
it's always lovely to have something like this
and i love the colour as well
this one is just really cute
skirts skirts skirtsss!
you can never have enough skirts
especially floral skirts are great, in my opinion
i love to wear big sweaters, with a little skirt underneath it
so you can see a little bit of the lovely flowers on it

when i first saw it, i thought it was a curtain.
only because it was so cheap, i bought it.
but then i started to looove it
floral dresses are pretty(:

woensdag 16 februari 2011

well, that was quite a short chat session hahah.
it was fun, untill some guys, who reminded me of chatroulette.com guys
thought it'd be fun if they just ruin it
by being creepy, showing off muscles (wich was actually quite funny)
and being rude, so
that was one shot to try, and i don't think it was the best idea ever hahah xd

i just opened a chat
and if everything works like how it should
you can enter the chat by clicking this link
so it's open from now on!
let's see if anyone shows up :p

dinsdag 15 februari 2011

melle was reacting so cute when i made that noise

by hopping towards me
that i had to film it, even though i was tired-crappy-looking hahah xd


zondag 13 februari 2011

it was fun to read all your comments on my chat idea!
so as soon as i know when, i'll post a link that makes you able to join the chat.
i still didn't went to the hairdresser hahaha
i just don't have the guts. and it still looks 'okay' i guess.

oh and haha, these pictures are from the day cees and i finally
finished painting my room! so we were very very happy, cause it was such a lot of work haha :p
instead of the purple, blue and pink, it's dark red, with creme white, and beige.
it still needs a lot of work, cause that was only the beginning
now i need to get furniture in it, and curtains ( i still don't have curtains.. hahah)
so when it's really finished, then i'll post more pictures (:

tomorrow it's valentine's day, and cees and i wanted to go to the zoo
but maybe we just go out for dinner.
what are your valentine's plans? (:

donderdag 10 februari 2011

yesterday, while in my bed with cees
and the webcam on
i thought, maybe it would be very funny if i opened a chat
for about an hour or so, on tinychat.com
then you can webcam, and everyone who has the link to the chat can join
then i could talk and webcam with you guys
it would be really silly, but maybe its fun =p
what you think?

woensdag 9 februari 2011

i like messy unbrushed long hair, old chairs with names on it, small tattoos on girls, lonely hands and happy hands, wiggly toes, white skin, big eyes, big lips, crooked teeth, naked people, spring and little lights, freckles, and boys with big noses, tea on cold days, tea on hot days, cuddling feet under the blankets, piano’s that are out of tune, redheads, fatty cats, sad movies with a happy ending, and words that i don’t understand

zondag 6 februari 2011

my room is almost finished!
we had to paint almost every tiny little space in the room
but now we're almost done haha.
and for the rest, cees and i are playing mommy and daddy with melle
wich means, when melle is being a bad bunny,
i ask him if he goes after her, hahah
he's a great bunny daddy :p

woensdag 2 februari 2011

almost forgot to tell,
today cees and i are together for one and a half year (:
and many will follow
have a nice evening

new look on lookbook clickerdeclick
i found these shoes yesterday in a charity shop
and although i think the front is really weird;
i think they're cool haha:p
(and they only costed 3.50)

blazer is zara
floral blouse is zara
belt is zara (can't help it! it was sale in zara!)
overknees are from a market in my town
and the shoes from a charity shop

dinsdag 1 februari 2011

sunday, cees and i went to my family-brunch thing.
we celebrated my grandma and grandpa birthday,
and it was actually quite nice to see everyone again.
my family lives quite far from where i live, so i hardly seen them =p

i am still doing a lot of work in my room
cause it's such a lot of painting haha =p
that's also why i'm not blogging a lot.
will try to do that more!
someone asked me to post pictures of my favourite clothes
and i think that is a nice idea! so i guess that will be soon on my blog (:

(my hair is getting too long, and it does not really look cool anymore haha
so i really have got to go to the hairdresser this week.
i promised myself to go this week, but i just don't want to.
they always mess it up by cutting it way too short!
so i'm nervous hahah)