maandag 28 maart 2011


otis redding - my precious love

zondag 27 maart 2011

i loved today.
cees and i went to the ijssel, a dutch river
we just spend our time in the sun, watching the sky
and cuddling and laughing
now we're lying in my braaand new bed
wich is extreeemely comfy hahah, i love it!
i hope you all had a lovely day as well (:

zaterdag 26 maart 2011

my room in close up
i can't show my room in general, because it's not finished yet!
but today my bed will arrive, and yesterday i looked for curtains.
when its really finished, i will make pictures again (:

dinsdag 22 maart 2011


melle wanted to sit next to me on my bed hahah aw xd
song is from The maccabees - toothepaste kisses

for the dutch readers; i re-started my blog about my boyfriend;
Cees has the most silly statements, and theyre accidentally witty.
go take a look!

maandag 21 maart 2011


finally finally finally!
today the weather was fiiiiiinally lovely!
this winter has been too long, and i just neeeed sun hahah.
during the winter, i always feel a little down.
and even when there are very lovely days, like these
i sometimes find it tricky to stay positive.
so i made this vid
to remind myself that these moments will always keep coming,
because somehow, i seem to know the most lovely persons in the world (:

song is barbara - pursuit of happiness

zaterdag 19 maart 2011

i wish i wish i wishhhhh

a few pictures from things that i want,
especially the sweater on the second photo!
and in my opinion, you can never have enought floral dresses haha.
the rest are pictures from Luna Lovegood, a character from Harry Potter.
she really reaally has a lovely style.
the 4th picture partly shows the jumpsuit she's wearing
oh hahah, when i was watching the movie in the cinema,
i couldn't look at something else than the jumpsuit xd
since then, i am looking for something similar to that jumpsuit.
since then, i keep my eyes open for jumpsuits
but still havent found what i am looking for!

woensdag 16 maart 2011

(oh i want shoes like these haha!)
i am still ill, and haven't been up to anything lately,
so sadly, not really anything usefull to post =p
i think i am going to make a video!
(windows live movie maker for the win whoehoe hahah:p )
i'll post it when i am done!
i think cees and i are going to watch Due Date (again)
it's from the makers from The Hangover, and it's just fun to watch hahah
you can find the trailer Here

zondag 13 maart 2011

thursday night i was up all night
because melle almost died.
her bowels weren't working properly,
and i had to check her every hour if she wasn't doing worse
cause then we really had to go to the vet
luckly trough the night around 5 in the morning she got better =p
and now she's all fine again (:
but because of the lack of sleep, i am quite sick now hahah
wich isn't handy, because cees is coming home tomorrow from his snowboard vacation
and i want to go to his home to see him =p
and today it was my grandmothers birthday,
and we did a painting workshop!
i'll post pictures later.
now i am off to sleep, and hope i'm better tomorrow!
sweet dreams

donderdag 10 maart 2011

When the birds are sleeping
That's when the trees sing
You left your winter clothes,
And your teeth marks in my skin

So shake the leaves, off the trees,

Watch them float down the stream
Your son, your daughter
Swimming in the water

And I miss you, even when you're around

I'm a black cloud,
Sending lightning to the ground

So darling please, show your teeth

Just one more dance to help me sleep
Whirl, cold water eyes
Fill the past with friendly nights
Human skin, can be hard to live in
You'll feel better in the morning
Wash your hands in the lake
You've got a heart, some way

Trails lost in the snow

Make way for winter's eerie glow
And that black rock in your bedroom
I hope you'll climb it soon
In your boat, tied to a tree
I hope you'll find the sea

Throw me a dream please, it's been a dreamless sleep

For such a long time, such a long time
Sing myself awake
Watch the branches break
No one could ever take your place

Wash your face in the lake

You've got a diamond under your skin

seabear - i sing i swim
one of the prettiest lyrics i know

maandag 7 maart 2011

today i brushed melle (photo one) she is in moult.
and everytime i brushed her, i thought 'gosh, this could take hours'
and it did. aftet two hours i saw a tiny melle, and a lot of hair next to her ahhhaha
so as you can see, melle really is (was) more hair than bunny!

today me and my mom went to find a bed for me
(cause i am still sleeping on a mattress on the ground)
i still havent got one, bút! i did bought a couch.
it's beige and extreeeemely comfy! xd
but, it was slightly too big too put in our car, so i'll have to wait
untill we can borrow a bigger car.

zaterdag 5 maart 2011

other pictures source: tumblr

i've bought this dress a few days ago,
it's from h&m, and i actually think it's lovely!
so i thought i'd make a new 'look'
you can go and hype it if you like HERE (:

the last few days i spend together with cees.
he left this morning to go on holidays in the snow. Switzerland or Austria..
somehow i can never remember wich one wich is :p
but ah. i will MISS HIM!
no. i AM missing him.
but, i now i have more time to see other friends, witch is good
(ááálways look on the bright side of life huh!)

donderdag 3 maart 2011

i've been to the hairdresser, finally hahah.
and for the first time i actually kind of like it, because it's still quite long.
i just made some webcam shots, to show you guys.
thank you youssef, the haircutterrrr!

and sorry for the lack of posts lately, there will be more soon!