maandag 30 mei 2011

i just wanted to bring a smile on your faces, by posting this (:
everytime i watch it, it gives me tummy-tickles
hah, that must be the best hug you could éver get!

i'm watching (read; listening) Tangled again.
the songs in it makes me feel happy.

sweet dreams <3
aa i have such a gorgeous boyfriend <3!

oh i had such a busy week!
firstly, my mom graduated (i'll post pictures later!)
and then cees' family and i went to a wedding
cause his niece was getting married!
and it was such a lovely wedding (:
but i had to go home, and i missed melle!
so now i am in my bed, and it feels so empty
i want to lay next to cees, and cuddle while falling asleep.
but now, the only one who is here to share the bed with me
is melle (who desperately tries to jump onto my bed hahah, then she runs towards my belly,
sit on my belly, and wants me to pat her xd
it's kinda cute, but it gets annoying as well, cause i spend hours picking her off the bed:p)
,but she's a bedwetter xd (thats why i don't want her in my bed)
luckly i still have maldo (yes, i still sleep with a plush pet)
so goodnight (:

dinsdag 24 mei 2011

hahah, melle's hair got too puffy
so it does not fit very well in one clip
so now she has two red clips, wich makes her look like a little devil xd

today me and my mom went to Tom
it was such a lovely day for a ride!
he is such a sweetheart, because whatever happens
he always stays calm, and he's so cute! xd

and now i am watching Tangled, because it makes me happy hahah
and i gave melle a new blanket, and she's totally happy with it
the floor is too slippery for her to jump and run
so now she can do that again!

i got this new jumpsuit (though you can only see half of it)
but i am not sure if i should keep it, because it's actually a size too big
and yaaay, i bought the 6th house DVD box
(because i've seen all the episodes on 5 allready xd)
so i know what i will be doing those days!

zondag 22 mei 2011

the first picture is from the ring Cees gave me for my birthday
it's made of shells, and a pearl.
i think it's so pretty!
even though i never wear rings,
this one i will wear (:

on friday Cees and i went to the movies
to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4!
Jack Sparrow has been the only actor who has ever hung on my wall
(i was 14 at the time, and actually all my walls were covered with Jack)
so, yes. i fell in love again hahah.
though, cees is still better than jack, offcourse.
and soon i'm going to see the movie again hahah xd

so now, i am in my bed
i'm going to give melle a goodnight-kiss and cuddle,
listen to bridget jones, and crawl away under my blankets.
sweet dreams <3

woensdag 18 mei 2011

seabear - i sing i swim / melle

melle wants to sit on my lap xd
i think it's so cute, cause she obviously likes to be with me.
when i stop patting her, she pushes her nose under my hand, so i start patting again
it's just too cute xd
so here, a little webcam movie!

Cees came to my home yesterday, and he got me some presents!
(they were for my birthday, but they were a bit delayed :p)
he bought me some supercute underwear, and the prettiest ring ever =p
it's a seaflower ring, made of shells
i'll take a picture of it very soon, cause its sooo pretty
ah i love cees so muchhh <3

dinsdag 17 mei 2011

ze was kleurloos
met bleke ogen
met wit haar en kleurloze lippen
met witte tanden, en kleurloze gevoellens
ze droeg geen kleren
en kwam nooit buiten
'god is mij vergeten in te kleuren'
zei ze met een kleurloze stem
ze liep de sneeuw in, en werd één met de witte vlakte

it's a poem i once wrote.
i did not translated it, because i don't think it would do it any good.
the pictures and the poem are not related, or anything
i just thought i'd share
even though i find it pretty scary!

zondag 15 mei 2011

new look on lookbook, from the new dress i bought yesterday!
go see it here

and then, finally, my room (:
when i look at these pictures, it makes me so happy!
it took me so long to get it this way
i always find it hard to change things, so i delayed it for years
but it just looked ugly, with bright purple, pink and blue
now its finally warm, and calm (:
i love it!

melle ate my shirt. she eats everything
the picture is one out of a book called 'raad eens hoeveel ik van je hou?'
that is dutch for 'guess how much i love you?'
i found it on tumblr, and it made me smile
because it's a book my mom used to read me when i was little
and i got it as birthdaypresent from Esther,
and i gave it as a present to Cees as well.
it's just such a cute book
if you haven't read it allready, you should, cause it makes you smile (:

today me and my mom went to Amsterdam!
and i just love it, hahah
there is só much to see, and there are so many different people
and offcourse; you can shop awfully great haha :p
though, i only bought one dress
i guess there was too much to see, so i forgot to buy
and i probably (no, absolutely) have the best mom ever (:

tomorrow i will take some pics of my new dress
and i think i can finally take some pictures of my room as well!
since its (almost) finished yeey!

donderdag 12 mei 2011

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips,
speak only words of kindness; and for poise,
walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” - Audrey Hepburn

maandag 9 mei 2011

i bought House MD season 5 from the money i got from my grandmother
for my birthday (thankyou grandma!)
and now i've just watched the last few episodes from season 4 (again)
so i can start watching the 5th season (:
oh everytime i watch the episode 'wilsons heart' i can't stop crying
i just love house.

the first picture is one out of an episode of 'vila achterwerk'
a dutch childrens' program on the dutch television
when annelous and i were on the street
they asked us of they could film us for the programm
it turned out kinda silly, but it's fun hahah
so yesterday it was on television!
you can watch it here
it starts after +- 8 min
(but really, if you blink, you probably missed 'our shot' hahah xd)

zondag 8 mei 2011

oh how i love these summerish days!
cees and i spend most of our time in parks
laying under a big ass tree and just enjoy the day.
cees is now being forced by melle to cuddle her hahaha
'aw look how cute he is!' xd
cees still says 'he' instead of 'she'
but melle is female..

donderdag 5 mei 2011

thank you all for the lovely congratulations (:
i had a great day!
Yonna brought Tom (our horse) to our house
so i could ride (:
and tomorrow Hans and i will go to Zwolle
because it's liberation-day (VE?) there is a festival
so i am looking forward to that!
but i miss cees so much at the moment
i wish i could cuddle and kiss him right now.
but now i am off to sleep.

dinsdag 3 mei 2011

i bought this dress a few days ago at Zara
and i absolutely love it hahah xd
when i first saw it i thought 'no way too red, and it clashes with my hair'
but i diiid bought it, and i love it (:
tomorrow i'll turn 19, officially
and now i am watching The Hangover (again) with Melle

maandag 2 mei 2011

a few pictures from yesterday
when we early-celebrated my birthday
i think i can say in all hounesty,
this was my best birthday in years (:

cees went home today
because everyone celebrates their spring-holidays
and he's on a short survival-vacation!

i spend my day watching movies, brushing melle's hair,
walking with wobbe, and listening to otis redding - your precious love