zaterdag 30 juli 2011

on thursday evening, after my sisters 16th birthday, i and melle traveled to Cees
it was the first time for melle on the train, so we were pretty nervous hahah
and during the travel melle got kinda frustrated, and started stubling in her travling cage
and all the people in the train looked at the cage hahah
but now at Cees home (we bought a second hand cage for her here) she seems pretty happy
she allready decided that she wants to 'own' the whole sofa. diva.
and on the second picture you can see my three new dresses
i bought them on a french jumble sale
they are a little worn on some places, and they seem pretty old
so i am pretty much in love with them!
now cees and i are relaxing in front of the fire place, because it's pretty cold today,
and melle is eating everything that comes on her way
i think it's gonna be a lovely day and evening xd

woensdag 27 juli 2011

pictures from my vacation in france!
yesterday evening i and cees came back from France, wich was absolutely lovely!
although i am also very glad to see my family, wobbe and melle again; i've missed them hahah
so today i had a really lazy day, mostly filled with playing with melle, dying my hair
and buying a travling cage for melle (hah she seems to like it, she's in it all the time)
because on 13th of august i'm going to Ameland (a dutch island) with my mom, dad, sisters, and cees. so then someone has to take care of melle, wich probably will be cees' family.
but then she has to be able to travle, so on thursday i am going to try it for the first time!
tomorrow i am going to do some shopping with my mom, because it's my sisters birthday on thursday and i don't have a present yet!
tomorrow i will post a few more pictures from my holiday, and from my new french-market-dressesssss (i've also found an amazing backpack!)
sweet dreams everyone

woensdag 20 juli 2011

dear everyone
i am in france right now!
before i went, i couldn't come online, cause the internet was down
so now that i could, i thought i'd let you know (:
i'll make sure to take pictures!
allthough i only have my compact camera with me.
it's such lovely here!
i hope you all have a great week, i'll be back on tuesday.
with love!

donderdag 14 juli 2011

oh i absolutely loved the last Harry Potter movie!
it really 'ended' the whole harry potter-time in a great way (:
and i read all of your stories and memories, and it really putted a smile on my face.
i recognized so many things!
but i'm a little sad that it's 'over' now.
although, everyone can always go back to the wizard world, by just reading the fantastic books.
i'm sure about one thing, i will make my kids read the books hah.
i hope that when we're old, we won't say we're the generation of the mobile phones, the ipads and ipods, the 3D, but that we will say; 'we are the harry potter generation'

dinsdag 12 juli 2011

tonight i am going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II!
and i am so excited hahaha. finally, the end of the whole harry potter story.
although i have read all the books (multiple times).
i'm goint together with my dad and Marsha, my sister.
it's a bit of a pity that we're on the second row hahah, that will hurt in my neck.
especially because we will watch the marathon version, so first we'll see part I, and then II.
(from 20.30 till 03.00!!)

i really love the Harry Potter world, and i (and many other people) grew up with it.
my dad used to read the books to my sister(marsha) and me, and we used to
make braids from about eight meters long, because we listened at our dad for hours.
and every summer vacation, when a new book came out, my dad read it too us.
i think it's really special that J.K Rowling just 'made up' a whole new world,
and everyone loved it.
if you have a lovely harry-potter-memory, please share! xd

maandag 11 juli 2011

Give away!

so i'm back from Amsterdam!
i've had such a great time, and i loved it (:
unfortunately, i did not took any pictures.

But! other news!
a few weeks ago Doortje-vintage asked me to 'work together'
and since i allready knew their shop (wich is great hah, it's full of lovely vintage stuff!
you should really take a look at their site)
i thought it would be fun (:
so, together with Doortje-Vintage, this Give-away!
i picked the glasses myself, because i really think they're great.
only thing you have to do, to win this, is leave your e-mail underneath
and follow Doortje-vintage on facebook !

the give-away ends at 31th of juli

maandag 4 juli 2011

cardigan, leggings and dress are from h&m
belt is from zara
shoes are found on a france market
and the overknees are from HEMA

a few nights ago, i dreamed it was my birthday,
and as a present, my mother gave me a baby.
it was such weird cause i acted like 'oh well thanks!'
and i named him Sam, and he was born on the 6th of september (wich is melle her birthday)
it was a weird dream.

tomorrow Cees and i are going to Amsterdam for a week!
a friend of Cees is going to scotland, so we could hire his room.
wich is such cool and i am so looking forward to it!
but the silly thing is, that i'm having a fever :p
so i am doing my best to get well as soon as i can
(i take hot baths, try to sweat a lot, gurgle with salt, eat loads of fruit etc)
so hopefully, i feel tons better tomorrow hahah.
i am not sure if i have internet there, if i do, i might update my blog
otherwise, untill next week!
have a lovely week <3

zaterdag 2 juli 2011

a few more pictures lieke took of me
you can find a few on her site aswell;
(and many other lovely photographs!)

vrijdag 1 juli 2011

i'll give my formspring another try


last two weeks have been the weeks that feel like months
the kind of weeks that makes you wonder if it will ever stop
but it always does, at some point
all good things come to an end, but all the bad thing will always come to an end as well, eventually.
i think the thunder made things a whole lot better
Cees and i watched the thunder, from out of our bed, while eating fruit bowl, and cuddling.
i am a rich girl