woensdag 31 augustus 2011

today Cees and i went to Utrecht, and oh
he bought such a perfect blazer, and he looks so handsome in it!
i bought a trainings jacket, i'll show it soon.
i had such a lovely time today, but it's a shame cees isn't here with me anymore.
though, i'll see him on friday =p
i did not get my hair cut, the guy i wanted to do my hair, couldn't, so i decided not to go haha=p
i'm such a sissy silly.
now i am very tired so i'm going to read a book, and cuddle wobbels.
lovely evening <3!

dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

it's way too cold for the time of the year
wich is a shame!
but the weather is good enough for some biking
so cees and i will!
tomorrow we'll go to Utrecht, and i'm going to get my hair cut.
i'm nervous, but as you can see on the picture
(wich is older than a month, so it's even longer now)
my hair really is getting quite long.
i love long hair, but it's just out of model hahah.
i hope you're all having a nice time. I know i haven't been posting a lot lately,
but cees his school will start on thursday,
and i guess i'll post more after then (:

woensdag 24 augustus 2011

lovely sunset

my beautifull lovely mama <3

hah, look how they're chilling out!

this curious seal changed his mind when someone took a picture of him, and he ran off hahah xd

the pictures from our holiday on Ameland (:
looking at these pictures, makes my heart yearn to the fresh air, the dunes,
the sunsets in the sea, the hot sand, the horseriding with cees, the walks we took,
my attempts to play baseball (i suck),
and we even went to see the seal-island! they're so cute and chubby hahah!
i guess i could say i love the dutch islands a lot

dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

just a very quick post, because i just took some sleeping medication and it's starting to work
i miss cees, who is doing an introduction week of his new school,
i'm worried about melle, because she started eating weird, and i guess she has some problems with her teeth, so we're going to the ven tomorrow.
i just realise i still haven't posted any picture of my holiday on Ameland yet (instead i posted some Very random, sorry) but i will, tomorrow.
and i got some moles removed today,
but now i have got two stitches, and they hurt like hell!
hah, i guess this isn't my best mood, sorry.
at least we've got some thunder today!
it's been a very nice autumn, this summer
have lovely dreams, all of you

zondag 21 augustus 2011

so yesterday i came back from Ameland
and it was so lovely! we biked a lot, and i've seen seals, and cees and i went horseriding hahah!
it was such fun, because it was his first time ever on a horse.
though, he did really well xd
i'll post pictures later, because right now i am at cees his home
tomorrow his school will start, and then i'll finally get back to my home
and melle! i've missed her a lot hahah.
luckly she behaved herself during the week.

the two pictures above are two amazing items i found on www.allsaints.com
oh i would looove to buy both, but theyre so expensive!

now i am off to bed, because i'm so so tired.
i have trouble sleeping, and last night i dreamed
that i suddenly found out that next to melle, i had another bunny. but i totally forgot it, so the poor thing was all skinny and almost death because i hadn't taken care of it,
and i felt so guilty and awful!
then i woke up. i keep having strange dreams like that hahah=p

i hope you all had a lovely week, and sweet dreams <3

vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

on these pictures you can see my new bowling shoes!
it's also my new look on lookbook, click!
and oh, isn't melle adorable?
look at the little grey paw!

tomorrow morning i'll be leaving to Ameland!
It's a dutch island, and its just as beautifull as Texel, and i'm so looking forward too it!
i'ts been years ago i've been on vacation with my family, so i love it.
Cees is coming with us as well, and so is Wobbe.
only melle couldn't come with us, so i just brought her to our neighbours.
and even though i'm sure they will take good care of her, i miss her allready!

now i'm off, because cees just arrived.
untill next saturday!

donderdag 11 augustus 2011

i allready wrote that i hung out with Jolein yesterday
but instead of going to the movies (there wasn't really anything to see, except harry potter, but it've seen it twice in the cinema allready :p)
we went bowling!
and that was also my 'present' for her birthday.
it was lovely, and i had a great time.
and i don't know if i wrote it once before allready, but
i am in love with those silly bowling shoes, especially the old-school ones
so, i asked the people there if they had some old bowling shoes i could buy
and then they gave me a pair of (Very old) bowling shoes, for free!
hah, i am so happy! there are holes in it, and i love them hahah
i'll show some pictures later!

(oh, and i've posted a new look on lookbook, click here)

woensdag 10 augustus 2011

i got late out of bed, and now my best friend jolein is coming over
last sunday was her birthday, but i couldn't be there
so we're going to do something like going to the movies.
and i'm looking forward to see her!
have a nice day you all(:

dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

because quite some people asked me to post some pictures of me when i was young;
here they are!
i absolutely love looking at old photo-albums.
my dad always had his camera with him, so we have a lot of pictures.

maandag 8 augustus 2011

cees and i had our anniversary last tuesday, and it was absolutely lovely
i bought him a big beautifull rose, but when we got into his house
the table was beautifully covered, with candles and all, and he made me dinner!
he had also bought a second hand cage for melle, because she traveled with me.
(melle had such a great time, cause they have carpet, so she can run around very fast ahhah)
after dinner we went to Harry Potter II (cees hadn't seen it yet)
and then we slept in the living room.

i love him the most, with my entire heart,
and i don't think i could ever love a guy the way i love him.

maandag 1 augustus 2011

shoes are second hand, overknees are from riverisland
the backpack i found on the french market, and i've bought the dress there aswell.
cardigan is from h&m

Tomorrow Cees and i will be together for two years allready!
so i will travel to his home, and see him and melle then.
we'll sleep in the livingroom, just like last nights.
we'll light candles, and let melle hop trough the room.
we'll go and see the harry potter movie (cees haven't seen it yet)
and then cuddle up and i'll fall asleep on the chest of the most wonderful guy i know.

and congratulations to magnolinablog@gmail.com
cause you've won the Sunglasses from the give-away!
you will be contacted soon by doortje-vintage.