woensdag 28 september 2011

you fit me better than my favourite sweater

lace top and skirt are from new yorker
knee-highs are from h&m
scarf is from a market
and my shoes are from zara!
and it's also my new look on lookbook *click*
(oh wobbe is so cute haha!)

today it was suddenly such summerish!
and it will keep going like this for the next few days, so i am happy happy happy hahah
allthough i am not really a winter-kind-of-person, i do like autumn
especially because of its colours. and i love the wind.
and (as you can see) my clothes are always kind of autumn-coloured.
oh well. i've just watched Sixth sense with my dad
oh my what a great movie!
if you haven't seen it yet, you should absolutely watch it if you have some spare time.

dinsdag 27 september 2011

my samsung galaxy ace arrived! (i write it as if i know what it means,
the truth is that my dad sort of lead me trough all those cellphones,
and helped me pick one because i am a disaster when it comes to picking something when there's too much choise)
i had to buy a new mobile phone, because my old one died.
but i actually love this one!
there's an mp3 player and stuff in it, well i likkeeee it.
and further.. this morning i took a walk with a mister from the elderly home
i do that every tuesday morning, and i think it's great, it's a funny man.
allthough he's dissapointed that i don't like soccer,
he seems to be glad someone's taking him for a walk :p

maandag 26 september 2011

pictures from our weekend, with some sunny days!
a delayed present from summer.
cees and i spend our day in the parc, picknicking and biking
ceeeees, i miss you already!
and today i am watching House MD with my sister

zaterdag 24 september 2011

skirt and overknees from h&m
shoes are from zara
and the jack daniels shirt is from cees!

you can also find it on lookbook (:

vrijdag 23 september 2011

today i tried to take some pictures, and then i removed them all, except this one.
and within a few hours, cees will be here<3!
i am so glad, because i have missed him a lottttt

and if you want to read some funny things;
(really, it's worth to take a look :p)

i just played in the garden with melle
and she litterally was 'having a look' hahah
i even half-captured one of her strange happy-jumps xd
allthough it's not sharp, i think it's a funny picture (:
i'm so glad she's doing well again, it was so sad when she was in pain.

donderdag 22 september 2011

i just got back from Utrecht where i met Yentl and Annelous again,
it was such a long-time-no-see, so it was great great great to see those wonderfull girls again (:
and now i am tired so i'm off to sleep, sweet dreams!
(oh and don't you love those pictures from melle? xd i found them in my webcam shots
and i think theyre sooo adorable! xd her ears were so short back then!)

woensdag 21 september 2011

i am feeling a little down lately, so i didn't felt like blogging either
though, i thought i'd show you my new top (last pic)
i love the deep red, wich is kind of the same shade as my lipliner

i know i haven't been posting the kind of pictures i used to, but i just have no inspiration, or whatsoever
i was wondering what you all would like to see on my blog?
so, if you have any ideas, feel free to tell!

maandag 19 september 2011

inspiration post

oh i want this skirt so badly!

people often ask me what 'inspires' me.
i always find that a difficult question, but i think i'm starting to understand
it's not that i have a person or a designer or a model that inspires me
it's pictures like these, it's smoke, it's light, it's nature, it's lyrics, it's touch
it's music, it's strangers passing by, it's grief, it's desires, it's regret.

and billy holiday's voice.

pictures found around the internet; www.tumblr.com www.weheartit.com

oh what a waaaay too long travel.
i'm glad i'm home, cause i feel quite ill
i even threw up in the train (wich was awkward)
so i am in my pyama's, with melle on the couch.
i think i'll watch some movies today
but i am also thinking about painting and playing piano more often.
the first picture is a painting i did at a workshop with my grandma
and as you can see, im not very talented xd but i liked painting!
boh. i miss cees.

zondag 18 september 2011

even though i really enjoy being at cees' place,
i miss melle so much when she's not around haha!
this webcamshot is from a few days ago.
tomorrow morning i'll go back home
and then i will miss cees again...
tricky, isn't it!
so.. cees and i are thinking about moving in together, within a few months!
i think that would be absolutely lovely (:
oh anyway, i am sitting in front of the fire place, and try to get warm a little
because it's so cold all the time!

vrijdag 16 september 2011

i just came back from a introductory meeting at the retirement nearby my home
i want to do volunteer work there, so i had to aply.
i met an old man, and from now on i go to the market with him on tuesdays
further i am going to play piano for the residents every once in a while
i'm glad i did it, even though i was nervous. i think older people get forgotten too soon when they come to a nursing home.
so now i just showered, gave wobbe her eyedrops, gave melle an apple.
hahah, last night i couldn't sleep, so i went downstairs
guess who was on the couch, on her back, paws in the air? yep. Wobbe xd
we might own this house, but at night, everything is her's. and i think that's a fair deal :p
within a few hours i'll be at cees home again. so i'm going to pack my bag, and catch the train.
have a nice weekend!<3

oh and, here. such a lovely song: click

donderdag 15 september 2011

Cats and the dude

'' the dude'' a.k.a the big lebowski shirt from my dad
black stretch skirt from h&m
and my shoes are from zara

If you haven't seen The big lebowski yet, you should
it's a funny movie, and it's just original!
my dad is some kind of 'fan' of the dude, so he has a shirt,
and i like to steal it, every once in a while.
today i've spend my time playing with melle, brushing her (wohw, a lot of hair came off!)
and within a few hours, i'm off to Hans, and visit her.
oh an during taking these photo's, those three cats came by hahah
i love cats, they're so funny an have such a character.

well anyway,
hyperdehype clickerdeclick, my look!