zaterdag 31 december 2011

happy new year!

cees ordered quite a lot on
and as you can see.. iiiiii love it hahah
i am a horrible girlfriend, but you can watch my look here
as you can see, i even did some fireworks (wich i am afraid of)!

dearest readers of my blog
i wish you all a lovely new year, full of joy, friends and hugs!
forgive and forget the difficulties of life
that will open new doors

woensdag 28 december 2011

Fever got me sad lately.
and since i look and feel horrible, i can't take pictures either
so i thought i'd put up some happy pictures
for all of us who almost forgot spring wíll come back,
and we will feel the sunlight on our face.

maandag 26 december 2011

i just wanted to wish everyone a lovely lovely christmas!
i couldn't find time before, cause i've been in bed with a fever since friday
i was going to see my family and was looking forward to it
but now that i'm ill, cees stayed home with me
and we're watching planet earth, made a little fire in the fireplace
and cuddling a lot lot lot<3!
merry christmas!

donderdag 22 december 2011

aw i love melle

(anddd anóther ridiculous end shot.)

(pictures were all taken with my retro camera android app)
yesterday i went to amsterdam with mama
to see The Nutcracker and The Mouseking
and it was absolutely wonderful!
i wish i had seen it before, cause then i would have done ballet.
unbelievable how smooth and gracefull, and all the amazing costumes!
oh well i think i can say i had a wonderful time with my mom<3!

dinsdag 20 december 2011

so i got back from cees, that's what causes my lack of posting haha
but i had a lovely time with playing chess and hanging out with some of cees friends
and as you can see, i love my new app on my samsung galaxy
wich makes pretty cool pictures haha!
oh and the last picture is also my new look on lookbook
see it here !
now i am off playing chess and watching House Md with Jolein

woensdag 14 december 2011

i was looking trough my webcamshots album,
and found these strange pictures.
i cant even remember taking them haha!
and because i didn't had a new picture to post, this became my post..
oh silly. sweet dreams!

dinsdag 13 december 2011

today cees and i went to the sauna!
it was swimsuit-day, so we dared hahah.
now i feel all sleepy and relaxed, and im going to bed
and cuddle all night with cees.
i hope all of you will have lovely dreams

(hihi a little movie of melle 'stealing' a slice of apple.
when i give her something quite big, she runs away with it hahaha xd
and i putted the best christmas song ever under the video
otis redding - white christmas)

zondag 11 december 2011

cees and i are having a lazy weekend with this rainy grey and stormy weather
so we played chess, and gears of war hahah! what a strange combination xd
oh, i thought i'd tell;
i am planning on selling some of my clothes.
only thing is, i am not sure where to sell them.
here on my blog? on or just on a dutch-selling place?
I don't know how to send clothing internationally, so hm..
any help?

vrijdag 9 december 2011

causewaymall and doortje-vintage

yesterday the mailman recieved me this lovely bag!
it's a gift from (from the give-away, remember?)
and i think it's wonderfull!
the sweater is from causewaymall and can be purchased here.
if you like my look hype it here (:
oh and don't you love my new lipstick?
it's so super red and was only 3 euro's at HEMA!

now i am off to walk the dog in this lovely stormy weather.
storm always gets me so exciiiiiited!

donderdag 8 december 2011

thanks for your comments about melle's haircut!
i decided to dó cut it, because she even bumped her head while she ran around
just because she couldn't see anything =p
so i cutted her forhead and cheeks, and when i did that
she started jumping around and she looks very (funny/ugly) happy!
so i think i did the right thing for her, wich is most important xd

woensdag 7 december 2011

i am thinking about cutting melle's hair, but i'm not sure!
i think she'd look kinda silly, but her hair seems to get in her way..
she can hardly see, and she has too much hair to use a clip xd
what do you think, shall i take the risk of having a very funny looking bunny? xd

dinsdag 6 december 2011


my new look @ lookbook!
a few days ago, i got my package from causewaymall and i loooove it!
dress and shoes are from causewaymall
you can purchase the dress here and the shoes are unfortunately out of stock
the backpack is from my granny, and i am so in love with it hahah.
it's exactly what i was looking for, and it's so old!
so yeah.. i love my new clothes (: <3

awww melle is my cutest little furball!
she was so happy when i got home yesterday haha xd
she got all jumpy and funny and wanted to sit on my lap the whole time.
anyway, i had a great weekend, as usual
the weather was pretty rainy and sad, so we played chess,
made suprises for Sinterklaas-eve
(thats the thing we celebrate in the netherlands, some christmassy thing, but different.)
and then we had a lovely 5th december!

donderdag 1 december 2011

as promised; some fun pictures hans and i took yesterday hahah!
it makes me happy just to look at them (:

today i visited my grandparents
i hadn't been there for such a long time, cause they live a few hours away from our home
but now i really wanted to go there again
because my granddad isn't doing so well.
we spend the day looking trough incredible old photo albums
(and even found a 100 year old letter!)
with such lovely photographs (i am really going to buy a analog camera, i looove it!)
and then my grandmother gave me a super old shoulderbag, exactly what i was looking for!
she used to use it when she was young, and now that she doesn't use it anymore
she gave it to me (: <3
i'll show pictures later!