zaterdag 15 december 2012

cuddle the wobble

 when i got back to my parents house i found a few packages
that had arrived this week. i've got such a lot of lovely ideas for looks!
since melle finally felt okay at our appartment, i decided to leave her with cees this time
so wobbe and i crawled into my bed cause we have a lot of cuddles to catch up!
i spend the evening watching telly with my parents. 
sweet dreams lovely people! 

18 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh that is so nice to read :) I can see pure love in these pictures ... :)

    I wish you a wonderful time at your parent's home and for now a wonderful night with your wobbe, dear Nadia :)

    Oh and I'm looking forward to your new looks! ;)

    <3 Elisabeth

  2. awww these pictures are lovely lovely lovely <3 x

  3. So cute and lovely!

    With Love, Susan

  4. aww so cute

    are you going to take wobbe to your place?

  5. why are you going back to your parents house for the weekend when you've got an appartment with the person you love???
    don't really get that

    1. I think I get it. She loves her family very much! When I have an appartment, I would visit my parents a lot. Because I love them very much, and it's strange, you used to be with them almost every day.

      Tenminste dat lijkt me. Je bent gewend ze zo vaak te zien en het is gewoon heerlijk om weer ff 'thuis' te zijn. Ofniet Nadia ?

    2. What a stupid question. Obviously she has other people she loves in her life other than her boyfriend...

    3. you both are right anoniem and shirley (:

  6. hey i have a question about melle: how much do you spend time with her in average day? i woud like to get my seconond bunny but i wonder if i had enough time for her. do you think that 2 hours is enough at week and then more at weekends?

    i love your blog, keep on going !

  7. Wobbe is so cute<3 I can't wait for your new looks!

  8. Hi! I am sorry for asking this out of the blue, but how long does it usually take for your orders from sheinside to arrive?
    You are the only one I know who buys clothes from there, and my two sweaters has been in Guang Zhou since the 21st of November. :(
    Thanks in advance!

  9. who won your giweavayyyy?

  10. ahhhh! nadia! you are so precious! i think it's really nice that you're visiting your family. you should try to see them as often as you can now that you're moved out. your dog is so cute, heehee! can't wait to see more of your looks!

  11. woow cutie blog >.<