dinsdag 11 december 2012


 sweaterdress - choies
floral dress - mama
shoes - seconhand
socks - HEMA

i like latenight cups of tea and shining up apples
 old french voices and wiggling ducks
i like taking long walks in warm sand at the coast  
 i like dog paws and cat paws and bunnie paws the most

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Very cute look! (: I love all the knits. you have gorgeous hair *O*


  2. Great look! And i love dog paws and cat paws and bunny paws the most too! Lol

  3. love the carpet, it's really awesome!

    Love, Anna

  4. Really lovely pictures honey, and I totally feel you for insomnia :( I hate it when it happens and lately it keeps happening to me...
    anyway I see you hennaed your hair full length! it looks gorgeous :) need to henna my hair soon too hehe

    have a lovely day :)

  5. you wear the lenses on the eyes?
    you had green eyes, and now blue. miracles?

  6. wat een leuk kleedje! ik vind je haar trouwens nu echt een hele mooie kleur hebben, staat je super goed!
    Liefs, laila.

  7. i just love the way your freckles form a line just above your eyebrow!(:

  8. Wat een schattig klein gedichtje xx


  9. heeey i´ve got a question. I really like your hairdo in the last picture, I tried it often but it doesnt really look like this although I´ve got very long hair. Can you tell me how you get it that perfectly looking?
    Sorry for my mixed english! :D

  10. aaah jij hebt ook die superleuke sokken van de HEMA! Ik heb ze al een maand op de plank liggen, maar ik weet echt niet hoe ik ze moet combineren. Any tips maybe? ze zijn zo leeuuk