zondag 9 december 2012

the round carpet

tiny preview on tomorrows look
i found the carpet in a thrift shop and fell in love with it
it has such a charme and i lovelove it's round shape!
now i'm going to cook dinner for cees and me
and give melle a carrot.
(when she eats a carrot she gets an orange 'beard' hahah. it's cute)

13 opmerkingen:

  1. That carpet really is lovely!! I don't blame you for falling for it in the thrift shop :) And an orange "beard", huh? Haha sounds cute :3


  2. Lovely carpet! ♥ Could you make some posts about your favourite recipes etc? :p

  3. such an adorable carpet! I love it :) can't wait to see the full outfit (and maybe melle's orange beard too? :p)

  4. Hey, you could also post some pictures of the cooking you do, that would be fun =)

  5. Oh yes, please show us what you are cooking (and melle's beard)

    1. oh no i'd rather not! i'm glad i can finally cook without going crazy nervous about it and that's enough for now. i'd rather take a picture of melles beard :p

  6. haha, dat krijgen mijn caviaatjes ook altijd, zo schattig! :)

  7. hey dear nadia, please show us melle with a carrot beard, some time. xd <3

    i can't wait for the clothes, especially the olive ones! you once wore a dress from there in which i fell in love. sadly, they haven't had those anymore. i hope you would have got fed up with it instead hahah! how will you organize the selling thing, will you do it here on your blog? aaaand will you inform about it earlier, so that i can get ready to my computer to be on time? :p sorry for so many questions!

  8. you hair aren't red anymore :c

  9. What a great find. I can normally only find something that nice at a garage sale around here!


  10. Ooo beautiful carpet. Man can't wait to have my own place to decorate. Home with my parents has it's pros and cons, but so does every decision in life.

    So excited about your choice to sell clothes online. Will you be setting up an Etsy shop?

  11. Oh random question about your Lookbook widget:
    How were you able to add it the side of your blog? Each time I try, the image doesn't show; it comes up in HTML format.