woensdag 29 februari 2012

i've had a few lovely days with cees
and now i am back home with a cold
so i took a long hot bath while listening to Harry Potter and the halfblood prince
i'm always happily suprised when i leave the bath without dropping my phone in it.
oh and do you remember this basket i bought for melle a few months ago?
well you can't see it very well on this picture but the little monster completely destroyed it.
it's time to buy her a new caaageee!
(i found one thats 160 cm!)

dinsdag 28 februari 2012

do you remember that a few weeks ago i asked if there were persons interested
in a 'contest' for making a new blogheader for my blog?
Well it didn't really work out hahaha xd
but that's totally fine, because Maia made me this wonderfull header!
and i just can't stop looking at it
it's so cute with the letters made of my hair, and melle looks so fluffy!
so merci bien dear Maia (:
it's be my new header!

oh and i succeed in kissing cees' face off.

zaterdag 25 februari 2012

this dress from OliveClothing is so super cute!
it has these cute little pockets, i love the flowers and it fits perfectly
the bag is also from Olive. The shoes from Le Bunny Bleu
yesterday night i went to a club and it was pretty cool
but now i am exhausted, so i will settle myself on the couch,
listen to harry potter and the halfblood prince, cuddle melle
and look forward to tomorrow, when i will visit my sister at her home
and then go to cees house, and kiss his face offfff

donderdag 23 februari 2012

when i was in amsterdam with cees, we were nosing around on a market
and found this incredible stall with dresses, shirts and skirts with well-known paintings on them.
so when i saw this dress with '' the kiss'' from gustav klimt, i couldn''t resist buying it
even though it's quite too big and long hahah xd
oh and, it''s my new look

pictures from yesterday, when jolein, yonna and i went to the fair.
it was fun!
in the end jolein and i were completely obsessed by the coin dozer thing
and thought we did pretty damn well
but we turned out not to be so good at it xd

just a tiny-winy-ini-mini-post to wish you all sweet dreams
from melle, the dark circles under my eyes and me<3

dinsdag 21 februari 2012

oh i got this extremely lovely dress from OliveClothing
it's my new look as well

today was a shitty day
(except for the hour i was with the old lady
and we watched a programm about homosexuality
and she said 'i don't know why they have to be that mean to gay-people, it's their bum!')
but that's okay
cause tomorrow i'll see jolein, and i'm looking forward to see her <3

today i looked like this
i am still pretty much in love with this wool knit dress from h&m
but however, i visited the lady in the elderly home
wich was so lovely hahah, she's so funny.
but she also told me about the second world war
wich she has been trough, cause she's 90 years old!
tomorrow i'm going to her again.
further i let melle play on my bed, and she always gets extremely jumpy
because she's so excited to be on mý bed xd
so i tried to capture one of her jumps, wich worked out for 50%..
she's just too fast!

zondag 19 februari 2012

my new look with the pretty jumpsuit from Motelrocks (:

today the sun is shining shy
but the birds are singing, and i feel a little bit of spring in the air!
i can't wait untill spring, or even summer.
so now i am going to take melle outside for a jump in our backyard

zaterdag 18 februari 2012

wild thing, i think i love you

in amsterdam on a market, i found these warm lovely leggings
they are just toooo comfy! xd
it's my (and melle's!) new look haha click!
melle always wants to sit and jump on my bed
so she was so happy when she could join the picture on my bed xd

oh well, now i am going to visit some family with my parents
have a lovely day <3

donderdag 16 februari 2012

during shopping in amsterdam, i found these cuuute socks
and this lovely coat from bershka. and some other things, but i'll save that for later haha!

today cees left, and he's going on a ski holiday for 1 and a half week
so you can imagine how much i am going to miss him.
oh and, i did something i never expected!
i cut my own hair, the upper layers. but not just a little bit
i mean like 8 cm!
and as you can see on the pictures above, it doesn't look weird (right?..)
so i secretly felt pretty slightly cool hahah xd

woensdag 15 februari 2012

J'aime Amsterdam!

i can't beliééve i have such a romantic boyfriend!
when i got off the train yesterday, he was there witch a rose and a kiss
then we had to walk (i didn't know where to) trough amsterdam
and there's just so much to see, hear and smell
and everyone looks different, and nobody stares
(except at my new socks, last pic hahaha. i love them!)
then we arrived at this beautifull hotel, on the first picture you can see our room
wich was on the 4th floor, so we could see whole amsterdam!
he also took me out for dinner and we went to 'this means war'
(wich was actually quite a funny movie!)
wich played in the 'Tuschinski Theater'. i always wanted to go there some day
and he remembered and took me there hah<3
the next day, after sleeping in the comfy bed, we went shopping.

oh gosh, these were a few of the best days in my life haha
i never celebrated Valentine's day before i met cees (or even got a postcard xd but i did always made my friend jolein something) , but i think i secretly love it (:

dinsdag 14 februari 2012

first of all; a lovely valentine's day everyone<3!
as i told already, cees is taking me to Amsterdam!
so i am packing my bags, catch the train and have 2 lovely days in pretty amsterdam (:
i'll write again when i get back!