woensdag 30 mei 2012

 mmmmeeee likey my new dress from OliveClothing!
the necklace is from my granny, and the shoes are second hand 
find it here on lookbook
and i hadn't told you about this bag this  gorgeous girl, Fee, made me!
she makes beautifull cute bags, and sended me one, and i'm loving it, so thank you fee!(:
tomorrow i'll meet with Esther, and then i'll travel on towards cees

some of the pictures that were shot during the shoot i did with 
irenea vicari for her school project, illustrations are by jane paludanus
and styling was by stefanie put
i think they turned out lovely (:

dinsdag 29 mei 2012

today wob and i took a walk and ate an icecream
i wore this blouse from Sheinside
shorts from oliveclothing, shoes from epic store
and i found this beauuutiful bag (and a matching blouse i'll show you later) on texel!
find it here on lookbook

 oh i've got so many things to upload on my blog now
i have some clothing i want to show you, the pictures from the photoshoot i did
some time ago are finished, the pictures from texel
ánd i am going to sell some of the clothing i don't wear anymore on my blog.

but now i'm sleepy and tired, so melle and i will cuddle and listen to harry potter.
i loved everything about this weekend
i loved the sand slipping trough my fingers, the sun on my face
the kisses from cees, the bare feet all day
the sound of his heartbeat and the sound of the sea.
oh texel, i miss you already

vrijdag 25 mei 2012

the sun and i are going to marry
and you're all invited to come at our wedding party

likey my new leggings from lovelysally!
i've never seen leggings like this before, and they are super soft with beautifull print
o, and the top is from zara.

i spend my day at the park and bought a nice shirt for ceesie
who i will see tomorrow, when we're heading towards texel!
i can't wait and i've got a butterfly-belly.
now i'll give melle an extra big hug and go to sleep
sweet dreams<3!

woensdag 23 mei 2012

blote benen blote voeten
ik wil met mijn tenen in de aarde wroeten
terwijl de zon mij beschilderd met zomersproeten
oh it's so suddenly sunny!
i can hardly believe that last week i wore my wintercoat and scarf, 
and today i wore bare feet and a jumpsuit! 
 i wanted to take Miss. Bouwman out to eat an icecream
but she wasn't at home, so i biked on to my best friend jolein
we spend our day laying on the trampoline, watching the clouds.

my dad needed his camera a few days, so i couldn't take pictures
instead i took this tiny video of melle and me
and this older look i hadn't posted yet!
(shoes zalando, dress olive clothing, overknees hema, coat zara)

oh and do you remember cees and i went to see the appartment?
it was absolutely lovely and perfect, but we didn't get it, unfortunately.
we decided to do something lovely instead, and now we're going to Texel this weekend!
(Texel is my favourite dutch island)
i always feel guilty when i am going to do something as fun as this
because i find it hard to 'give' myself something like that
but cees tought me to enjoy life, and do such things
so i will!
(and you should too)

maandag 21 mei 2012

about a wob

some pictures of my dear wobbe
(or wobbles, wob, wobbie, wobber, wipwob and so on xd)
the first picture is one of my favourites of her, she was such a cute little sheep hahah xd
at the time we were thinking about getting a dog,
 i was completely into harry potter (already)
so we surfed around the internet, and found a picture of her
first thing i said was 'she has a harry potter scar!' 
(read: the wrinkly stripe of white on her head xd)
it's silly of me never to write about her, cause if there's something ín my life, it's wobbe.
when i got ill (not the e.d) i was only 12/13 years old
and i've been alone at our house for years. 
I don't think i'd survived it this well without her hahah

oh and the winner from the Romwe give-away
issssssss:  paulafocke@hotmail.de !
yay for you! you'll be contacted soon (:

zaterdag 19 mei 2012

i might have posted this picture of my older sis and me once before, but i just love it.

yesterday melle and i took the train to cees
she really got used to traveling!
and it's a little holiday for her hahah, because cees room has a carpet in it
which she lóves hahah (makes it easier to run around :p)
 it's super cute, cause only after a hour or so
she totally feels 'the bomb' and jumps around the room. i'll try to tape it!

on monday cees and i will see a appartment we responded to
i'm excited, because it would be great if we could get it!
it's in the centre of the city, nearby everything usefull
i'll just keep my fingers crossed!

woensdag 16 mei 2012

thanks for all your ideas lovely readers!
it especially was lovely to hear so many people wanting more about wobbe.
it's funny, cause just today i thought about that
that i've nearly ever show her on my blog
and she's such a big part of my life hahah
she's my all time friend, i'll try to take a video of her 
'morning ritual' hahah.

this is what i'm wearing today (:
see it here on lookbook!
the blouse is from Olive Clothing
the skirt from zara, the shoes from causewaymall and the stockings from h&m!
and i was wondering (again) what you'd like to see on my blog
If you have any ideas, preferences, anything, let me know!

dinsdag 15 mei 2012

who has a lovely song for me? 
here are some for you
and here here here here and here
gee, here is a strange word when you write it a few times.

maandag 14 mei 2012

aw my cute mellie, look at that little nose and closed eyes<3
this stunning lace dress is from Sheinside
i found the floral dress underneath on a french market
the shoes are from zalando and the glasses secondhand
see it on lookbook!

today it finally was sunny again
my mom got home from her holidays
so i went outside with  my dearest wobbe (who to pick some flowers for her.
she likes cow parsley, a strange flower. but she loves it, so okay (:
but my favourite flower is the forget-me-not flower.

zondag 13 mei 2012

i'll eat an apple from fiona.

"i'm sentimental, so i walk in the rain
i've got some habits even i can't explain
i go to the corner, i end up in spain
why try to change me now"

a beautiful lyric sang by fiona apple
i unfortunately can't figure out who originally wrote that though.
 i'm back on the old track, listening to bridget jones
and cuddling melle who's sitting on my belly. 

(dress from InLoveWithFashion

donderdag 10 mei 2012

romwe give away

this  is so odd and cool at the same time,
i'm in the korean vogue girl for le bunny bleu!

but however, a giiiive awaaay
this time you can win $80 freebies at romwe, and a pair of sunnies!
to participate, sign up on romwe 
(if you already have an account on romwe, you don't have to)
then leave a comment underneath with the same email adress as you signed up with
follow romwe on twitter and pinterest, and i'll announce the winner on 20th of may!

maandag 7 mei 2012

Birthday at Burgers' Zoo

aw i got happy while editing these pictures from my birthday at burgers' zoo
it really was a lovely day (:

zondag 6 mei 2012

oh i feel so comfy in these clothes!
skirt and blouse are from olive clothing
blazer and socks from zara
shoes from lebunnybleu
and you can find it on lookbook here

further i am reading the third book from the hungergames trilogy
(which my mum and dad gave me for my birthday hihiii)
and melle finally found out how to dig 
before this week, she just patted the ground hahah
it's super sweet and funny to watch

zaterdag 5 mei 2012

yesterday (the fourth of may) was my birthday
and for the first time in years i didn't mind getting older, wondering if i did the right things,
 but felt proud of the year i've left behind now, and look forward to the next one.
we went to Burgers' Zoo, where i used to go to often when i was younger
together with my family, cees and jolein i had this wonderful day
it felt magical to be in the 'ocean' part, like you see in the picture
the fish with their bright colours (i've even seen nemo and dory hahah)
 swam beautifully above our heads
i've seen tiny birds making huge noises, and got a lot of lovely presents
even though i always say a hug and a kiss will do hahah xd
i'll show you some more pictures another time
now it's sleepy-time, sweet dreams dear readers<3

donderdag 3 mei 2012

hah cees just recieved this cool sweater
and (horrible as i am) i stole it already.
the skirt and socks are from h&m, the shoes from epic store
melle ran all the energy out of her tiny body, and cees is killing me softly.