dinsdag 31 juli 2012

olive and feathers

as i said before, i love this dress from oliveclothing
the little necklace with the feather i bought in portugal in a jumble sale
and the shoes are from zalando, like you know.

tomorrow i will meet up with esther!
It's been such a long time ago, and i'm taking her to the movies 
as a belated birthday present. 
and i'm going to cut my hair (aaaah..i don't want to go.)
it's been over a year i guess since the last time i cut it
but it's gotten so long and heavy
that i need to get it a little shorter. (which means curlier!) 
only 5 nights left, then i'll meet this handsome guy at amsterdam
and probably kiss his face off in public.

zondag 29 juli 2012

Life of Death

(ooee! oliveclothing never dissapoints me! i'll show you the rest of this look soon)
yesterday on my little sisters 17th birthday
we went to Brave!
the new pixar disney movie. and i loved it, ofcourse.
 i always love animated movies, and sice my sister marsha is an animator
i get to see a load hahah
I asked Marsha if it's possible to show her movie here already
but that's not possible yet. however she does have a trailer!
she made an animation about 'the life of death'
i find it a very beautifull and touching short movie
if you'd like to watch the trailer, click Here
i'd love to hear what you think of it!(:

zaterdag 28 juli 2012


you remember cees and i went to amsterdam for a day,
right before i left to portugal?
well, these are the analogue pictures i took in amsterdam!
oh i miss him so much. when he gets back, we'll meet in amsterdam again
for a few days in a hotel, because on the second of august
we'll have our 3 year anniversary!
but because he's still on holidays then, we'll celebrate it slightly later.
oh i love him.

vrijdag 27 juli 2012

portugal pictures

a few pictures from my holidays in beautiful portugal
the fourth picture is the lake i swom in
i actually really dislike swimming, and hardly ever get into the water
but this lake was so beautifull, and we were just alóne!
thats something that rarely happens in the netherlands hahah
the water was body temperature, and i just wish i could have stayed there for days

i think i'm in love with this elegant lace back blouse from Romwe!
the earcuff is from Choies and the tights from Romwe as well
and ofcourse, it's my new look (:

talking about romwe, i have a winner to announce from the romwe give away!
i am sorry i'm a little late because of my holidays
but i'd like to congratulate jenny zhang!
you will be contacted by romwe soon (:

for those who didn't win;
there's a huge sale on romwe now
you can save up to 75% and if you order above $60
you can get an extra 15% off by using this code; clearance15%
i might use it myself hahah

now i'm off to see hans and develop my pictures!

donderdag 26 juli 2012

portugal promises

last night i got back from portugal!
i took tons of pictures (and about 30 analogue ones that i need to develop sooon)
i've had the most beautifull weather, even above 40 degrees!
and i am the kind of girl that doesn't bother about high degrees,
 i actually haven't felt so well in months
i've seen a lot of terrible fires that portugal has to fight against
i was stunned by the nature, i swom in a lake
and much more that i will tell in coming posts.
even though i will miss the beautifull country,
i'm glad to be back and cuddle my dear melle and wobbe.

woensdag 11 juli 2012

bye bye!

i got my photos developed, and they are sooo
wonderful, lovely and cute! 
but i don't have the time to scan them in, sorry.
so now i'll just say;
have a lovely time, and see you in two weeks!

dinsdag 10 juli 2012

as you can see, i am packing my bags
melle was trying to pack herself in my bag as well
but sadly she can't come hahah.
luckly, my sister will be here while we're on holidays
and she will take care of my little baby.
(yes, she's almost like my little baby hahaha,
i even sing her lullabies)

and today it's the 10th of july
which means; we have a winner from the sheinside giveaway!
i actually really have read áll the entires, and all your favourite words
i had to smirk a little at some entries, and loved the explainations!
but then i read my own favourite word; hope

''Hope, because everyone should be able to hope in better tomorrows''

congratulations veronika (: i'll make sure you'll be contacted soon by sheinside!

maandag 9 juli 2012

bananas in pyamas

today was my last day with cees for a month from now
i don't think i've ever not seen him for that long!
the times i'm with him seem to have no feeling for time
they seem to pass so quick, but on the other hand they feels like years.
i think the point to the above is; i'll miss him 

i took my camera to develop the pictures, they'll be finished on wednesday
maybe i can just scan them in right before i leave to portugal!

zondag 8 juli 2012

 it's been such a long time ago since i did an inspiration post!
though i have collected such a huge amount of pictures that inspire me.
within three days i'll go to portugal for two weeks, and i am not sure if i'll be able to blog then
i hope that before that, i can develop the pictures i took in Amsterdam last friday.
i bought a super cute playsuit with incredible colours.
i'll probably show you tomorrow (:

donderdag 5 juli 2012

cees took some photos during our walk with wobbe
tomorrow i'll meet cees at Amsterdam for a lovely day
i bought a disposable camera (you know? the ones you need to develop!)
when i was younger my parents used to give them to me as a present
for the holidays, to take my own pictures.
i always wanted to do that again!
 oh and, my new look
doesn't this sweater remind you of 'where's waldo?'

dinsdag 3 juli 2012

yesterday cees and i went for a day shopping and relaxing in Utrecht
it's almost a small kind of Amsterdam in my opinion, it's lovely!
the 11th of july cees and i will both go on vacation
he's going to america for almost a month, and i'm going to portugal for two weeks
 with my parents and little sister. 
i will miss him a lot! i've never not seen him for that long
so it might get a little hard hahah!
untill then, we'll enjoy eachother as much as we can.

zondag 1 juli 2012

romwe european cup give away!

who's into soccer? 
(i just happen to álways look at something else at the moment they score)
then you know tonight is the final game
from the european champion league!.
why not celebrate it with a give away (:

what you need to do to participate:
sign up at romwe here (if you already have an account, you don't have to ofcourse)
then leave a comment here with your name and the same email adress as you signed up with.

i've just ordered some great items myself (like this one!)
and they have a lot of new swimwear!
defenitely worth taking a look at (:

i'll announce the winner on the 20th of july

how do you like my peacock feather leggings from Choies?
i think they're super lovely! normally i find it difficult to wear such bright colours
but with this soft crochet top from asianicandy and hiawatta tails in my hair,
i actually really like it!

my little mellie got finally home yesterday!
after 3 weeks of holidays at cees' (big yard, carpet on the floor everywhere, which means running fást!)
she finally got home with me, and now she's super tired and sweet.
cees is completely into tour de france, 
so for the next three weeks i'll be watching wiggly buts from men on televison
 oh and keep an eye out! i'll be posting a lovely romwe give-away soon!