woensdag 31 oktober 2012

analogically II

 i felt and looked a lit like smeagol from lord of the rings
when i finally got my analogic developed pictures back
'myyyy preciouuus'
but here are some of my favourites!
most of them were taken during a party.
 i'll post the rest another time.

for now, i just want to say
that i hope all of you in the US are okay!
i just spoke to a girl on facebook who actually had a shark in her frontyard
luckily she was doing fine though.
but i just hope you're all doing okay, and that nobody got hurt.

dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

i am going to kill a train

you silly stupid ridiculous idiotic fudged up trains.
i am mad at you, trains.
and now i'm ill.
and yes, train, that's your fault.

don't worry, from tomorrow on my posts will have more content.

zondag 28 oktober 2012

they drew me redhead

thanks to Thai, dawn, linda and sebastian
for these amazing and lovely drawings!
it's unbelievable how talented you, and so many of my readers, are!
you have to know that even i don't always answer all my email
 and personal messages on facebook, i read every single one of it
and am thankfull for each and every one. 
melle and i were just about to leave cees home
when i saw the train wouldn't ride that night.
so i'm staying over an extra night
(which is great, now i don't have to watch lost by myself
it's so creeppyyy!)

donderdag 25 oktober 2012


do you remember cees and i went into the woods some time ago
to shoot for his school assignment?
i promised i'd post it online when it's finished
and i actually really think he did a great job!

it's official!

 i woke up in the arms of my baby
my other baby was still sleeping in her cage
and as i checked my email, i read that now, officially, 
we have a date when we can move in into our appartment!
16th of november we're going to get the key
and i'm super excited!

now i am watching Lost. i always thought it was 
kinda a silly story with a lot of bad acting.
but i was wrrongggg.
allthough it can't replace breaking bad ofcourse.

(oh i got such a greaaat coatt to show youuu!)

woensdag 24 oktober 2012


picture november 2011

just wanted to say goodmorning to you all
and give you this song to start the day with;

maandag 22 oktober 2012

talking dutch

well there you go lovelies, i'm talking dutch.
and i am horrible hahah, i just did so many tapes 
but i just started mumbling, stumbling, stuttering, lisp and mess up words
so this was the first one i did, and it was actually the one with the least mistakes
now i'm watching 'I love you, man'
i lovlovlovlove it, man!

(how do you like the the new link to melle's facebook?
my sisters going to draw me some things for my blog
so i am reaaally planning on making my blog look lovelier!)

5♥♥♥ and three

 today it's my mama's 50th birthday!
so we celebrated a bit with the 5 of us, having breakfast 
and giving presents. on the 3th of november we're gonna celebrate it bigtime.

ha, i thought i'd film how cute melle and wobbe
always run inside, when i call them
but wobbe didn't feel like it hahah xd 

oh! i just realised we have reached the 5000 (and 3) followers!
thanks so much everyone!   

zondag 21 oktober 2012

vintage store

 as i was snooping around in my own closet
i found this vintage jacket that i've never worn before
even though it has such lovely colours!
so i wore them together with these vintage shoes  from vintage store
during my sunday walk trough the forest with wob and mama.

yesterday i fell off my bike, quite hard
and as i and my bike slided by an old man with a tiny dog,
i was hoping i wouldn't slide trough some poo.
 and now my body is a bit bruised

en ik leef in een roes, het licht doet pijn.

 het is een beetje lastig
een beetje geheimpjes-achtig
kom je zwemmen in de zee
vergetelheid neemt ons wel mee
ik kan niet zwemmen en niet slapen
dat is
gewoon een beetje lastig

vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

pants pants pants and a lot of colours

sweater from SheInSide. pants here and shoes here from Choies

yes m'am! i am wearing pants, again!
i figured that if i don't want to freeze my bum off this winter
i should force myself into wearing pants some more
these super thick woolen pants will keep me (and my bum) warm this winter!
it's quite a different look from what i normally wear though.
i am comfortable when i stick to earthy colours
but i thought i'd try something else, but in my own way.
i mean, you see a lót of neon and super bright coloured items on lookbook lately
that's not really my cup of tea.

donderdag 18 oktober 2012

into the woods II

 some pictures my mama took during a beautifull 
ride trough the forest with tom, a week ago.
the leaves in the trees colour so fast!
i always wish the reddish and orange stayed much longer.
have you ever mentioned how different and calm things look when you look up?
whenever i'm somewhere too busy, i just look up!

(ooo i have such adorable shoeees, can't wait to show you!)

woensdag 17 oktober 2012

pipi longstocking boots

 im terribly in love with my new boots
they remind me of pipi longstockings hah
maybe i'll do a pipi-longstockings-inspired look any soon!
i bought them secondhand.
the coat is from sheinside, the socks from zara
the bag's from my granny and the dress from my mama.

 tonight i'm watching Intouchables with my little big sister
 here, a song present for you (:



i take a walk to dreamland
see   you there


zondag 14 oktober 2012

into the woods

 my baby and i went to the forest
so cees could tape me for his assignment for his study.
i am in love with the forest. the smell, the colours, the crispy leaves under your feet
the sunset colours in the trees and the fresh air.
maybe when cees finished his editing i'll show you what he made again!

zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

photo's and furniture

 some random shots i took this month so far
you might recognize a few already if you follow my facebook though!
the second picture is my favourite hah, my sweet big nose!
 wobbe is unfortunately not very photogenic hahah
but the shot i posted here i find very lovely.

melle and i are at cees house
yesterday we visited our soon-to-be-house again
to make a deal in how much furniture we would take over.
since the girl living in the house now is moving to Italy
she needs to get rid of everything.
and it comes in handy that cees and i are going to take over almost everything
so she doesn't have to sell them before she moves to Italy
and we have a nice starters-furniture!
in about a month cees and i are moving innn!

donderdag 11 oktober 2012


 i was thinking about that i often get that i am doing the
'duckface' hahah xd 
but honestly told; when i was a little girl 
my mama used to call me ducky
because of my pouting lips!
so heck yes! i ám a duckface and thats okay for me hah xd

(sorry if this is kind of an odd post)

romwe autumn sale

i thought i should let you know that romwe is having 
a super autumn sale!
find the (over 300 items) on sale HERE
and as an extra, you can use these codes when you make an order
to save some more money
Code1Oct15      Save $15 for $80+
Code2Oct25      Save $25 for $115+
 Code3Oct35      Save $35 for $155+ 
(they are valid before 10/15/2012 and once code can only used with one order)
it runs only untill the 14th of october, so be quickerdyquick!

woensdag 10 oktober 2012

and the boys go on, and on, and on

do you likey my new hat from romwe?
 aw, my little melle was so sleepy
and she looked so cute, i had to shoot her

yesterday i cut the hair of a friend
bought wobbe a bone
enjoyed the windy, yet sunny weather
 and today i don't feel so well
so i'm just going to play the piano.
all day long.