vrijdag 30 november 2012


look here
today i went thrifting
i just looove snooping around in thrift shops and sitting in all chairs
 this time i found a toaster, a cuttingboard (these will come in handyyy)
and this gorgeous burgundy lace dress.
i always happen to start liking things, like a maxi skirt/dress for example,
when they stop selling it. 
but i should have started wearing it before, it's so chilly comfy jummyyy
i'll show you some more shots next time (:
have a lovely friday evening! 

donderdag 29 november 2012

colourfull on the roof

hat - romwe
sweater - awwdore
shoes - epic store

normally i'm not that into bright colours
but this sweater just reminds me of things i wore when i was a tiny kiddo!
so today i made the upper floor of our appartment bunnyproof, 
i did some things that had to be done, and i cooked a meal for cees and myself.
i feel like a housewife haha!


a tiny preview on my next look
keep an eye out today!

and now i'm going to make my new appartment bunnyproof
so melle can hop around everywhere she likes

woensdag 28 november 2012


as requested; movie reviews!
i often get the question 'what are your top 5 movies'
but that's a question i can't answer. 
they made súch a huge amount of incredible movies
that i could never possibly pick 5 out of all of them.
but here are four movies i find wonderfull.

1) As it is in heaven
it's about a famous conductor that gets an heartattack during a performance
he needs to take it easy and therefore returns to the place he grew up.
this swedish movie has the power to make you cry, laugh
and end up with goosebumps.

2) Little miss sunshine
first time i saw this movie i almost choked in my laugh during the entire film.
it's about little olive, who wants to be little miss sunshine
her brother Wayne that doesn't talk and only writes on little papers
her super sweet coke addicted grandpa, her suicidal uncle and her mom and dad.
and they're all stuck in the same car on their way to the beauty contest.

3) Ponyo
an animated film by hayao miyazaki
even though it's actually a film for children, i believe anyone would love it
miyazaki has a beautifull way to create new worlds that are strange
slightly scary, and incredibly lovely at the same time.
it's probably my favourite miyazaki movie!

4) Jeff, who lives at home.
this movie is about Jeff, who lives at home.
and it's absolutely great.

maandag 26 november 2012

i dont but i do

samen speelden we piano
mijn tien vingers, de piano, en ik.
mijn ogen dicht, mijn vingers die een dans deden
op de zwart met witte toetsen.
tot op de dag dat mijn vingers stopten met spelen
midden in een lied, vergaten ze de volgende danspasjes
hoe vaak ik het ook probeerde,
met zijn tienen maakten ze een zooitje op het toetsenbord
struikelend, verkeerde noten rakend

niet alleen ik, maar ook mijn vingers zijn vergeten 
hoe piano te spelen.

have you ever experienced the wonderfull moment
your body remembers something your mind forgot?
often when i play the piano 
i forgot how to play a certain song
then i just close my eyes, and let my fingers play

zaterdag 24 november 2012

blanco wall, full mind

i want to start selling clothes on my blog, tomorrow i and melle are going home
to my parents house, to cuddle my wobbels and see miss bouwman
and say goodbye at my work in my hometown
when i go back i'm planning to take some clothes with me
(actually.. i might take wobbe with me as well)
does anyone have tips on where and how to sell clothes?
any tips in general?
that would be lovely!

sheinside give away!

hey hey give away!
this time you can win one of these six coats
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to participate, sign up at sheinside here!
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vrijdag 23 november 2012

sleepy day

as quite usual after going out, i had a pyama day today.
in a pyama i stole from cees.
have a lovely weekend


hah, i love her.

thank god melle is finally done with her antibiotics
whenever she even séés me grabbing the bottle
she jumps into her little house, hides, and doesn't wanna come out anymore xd
i think she's glad that it's over, too.

donderdag 22 november 2012

comfy cozy at the rooftop

sweater - cees
skirt - choies
shoes - zalando
hihi, i stole cees sweater again
i actually really like this photobackground
not baaad at alll
tonight i'm going out with cees and some friends
the coolest part; it's around the corner xd

good morning!

i had a dream i was swimming with whales. 

woensdag 21 november 2012

hup hup stairs up

melle is really getting the hang of the stairs!
she goes hop hop hop up and down the stairs
it's just too cute hahah.
but yuck, it's so rainy.

dinsdag 20 november 2012

jongens zijn net meisjes, maar dan zonder geluk

batwing shirtdress- nowistyle
owl socks - forgot where
creepers - sheinside

 it's so lovely to walk outside, and be in the middle of the city already!
so when i took a walk trough the city i found these owl socks in some shop
(i don't remember the name of it, but it was some kind of low budget?)
i just couldn't resist buying them!
you might know already i'm such a fan of socks hahah
and these were just too lovely to let go. 
so this was my first lookbook shot at my new place!
we have a huge space on the roof that's ours
and there i can take pictures quite well! 
how do you like it?

oh and have you heard?
 it's super sale at romwe.com!
click here to see what's on sale  

maandag 19 november 2012


it's such a strange thing; waking up in your own house
next to the boy i love.
 cees went to school and i did the groceries
melle really starts to explore the house hahah
it's cute when she hops up and down the stairs,
sticks her nose in every box, and climbs the couch.

i think tomorrow i'll try to shoot a new outfit
but thats tricky, because in my own house i know at what hour the light's good
and what are the prettiest places to shoot.
but i'll just try some things! 
and now i'm going to call my mom

zondag 18 november 2012

home is wherever you are

aw thanks so much for your lovely comments on my last post!
i thought i could show you some bits of our house
even though we are probably going to change quite some things
after all, we just moved in.
today i spend three hours putting all our clothes in the closet
and i couldn't resist using the vacuumcleaner
it's one from 1930's, and it still works!
and now i'm going to cook for cees and myself.
have a lovely sunday everyone!

zaterdag 17 november 2012

our new home

after a day of moving our stuff
we can finally say;
home sweet home!

vrijdag 16 november 2012

cold weather

grey coat - cozbest
sweater - stolen from cees
shoes - romwe
scarf - nowistyle

this coat is just great. the past few years 
i haven't had a real good winter coat
but this one, it's just perfect!

i always find it hard to pick a shot
that i'll use for lookbook.. which one you think is best?