vrijdag 28 december 2012

up the stairs she goes

sweet melle.
when she's in love with me she starts making humming noises
while she circles around my feet. 
sometimes she sits on her hind quarter and grabs my leg with her forefoot.

donderdag 27 december 2012

how can we hang on to dream

it's been a slightly shitty christmas and week due some personal issues i won't discuss here
tonight i'm celebrating christmass with my family and presents
(even though it's the 27th already)
melle has fleas, and i met up with rein to buy christmass presents

zondag 23 december 2012

angry wig

the coming days i wont be posting as frequently as usual.
because what's so simple in the morning by the moonlight never is.

vrijdag 21 december 2012

buy my medicine

oh i love corduroy pants! they're super comfortable, soft,
and the colour of these pants is absolutely stunning. 
to see where the items are from, click HERE!

it's friday! i'm going to listen to some muse
and cook for cees and myself

donderdag 20 december 2012

rondjes rennen

cute little video of melle being in love with me
and me being in love with mellie

woensdag 19 december 2012

the hobbit, the rabbit and the habit

as you might have noticed; i am slowly starting to wear more full length skirts and dresses!
i especially love this green dress from sheinside
it has these cute little buttons at the front 
and at the sleeves and the colour is perfect with red hair
when i first put it on my mama said 'you look like a little hobbit!' hahah
to find out where the rest of the items are from, click here
now i'm watching 'Matilda' (roald dahl) on the telly
it's such a sweet story!

a bunch of memories

cees got us a christmas treeee!
it's so big, i can hardly get into the kitchen
but, it's a christmas tree!

maandag 17 december 2012


i completely forgot to announce the winner of the sheinside give away!
congratulations luka!  (luka.jankaus@gmail.com)
you'll be contacted soon by sheinside!
(hahah don't you love the gif above?) 

zaterdag 15 december 2012

cuddle the wobble

 when i got back to my parents house i found a few packages
that had arrived this week. i've got such a lot of lovely ideas for looks!
since melle finally felt okay at our appartment, i decided to leave her with cees this time
so wobbe and i crawled into my bed cause we have a lot of cuddles to catch up!
i spend the evening watching telly with my parents. 
sweet dreams lovely people! 

donderdag 13 december 2012


a look with the gryffindor scarf!
to see where the items are from, watch it here

melle finally seems to feel at home in our new appartment
the first few weeks she didn't really seem to feel comfortable
and she preferred her cage over the whole house.
but yesterday she started jumping around, rolling on the ground
and running up and down the stairs.
hah you have no idea how happy that makes me, i can watch her for hours

woensdag 12 december 2012


today i tried to help cees with his school assignment.
i can't climb very well.

dinsdag 11 december 2012


cees mama made this gryffindor scarf and iiii love it hahah
ofcourse, i stole it from cees.


 sweaterdress - choies
floral dress - mama
shoes - seconhand
socks - HEMA

i like latenight cups of tea and shining up apples
 old french voices and wiggling ducks
i like taking long walks in warm sand at the coast  
 i like dog paws and cat paws and bunnie paws the most

maandag 10 december 2012

melle's cage!

i got some requests on pictures of melles cage, so; tadáááh!
in the first picture i've pointed some things that are quite important
a bunny loves to sit underneath or in something, so a traveling cage or a box will do fine!
be carefull with paper boxer, cause they might eat it and get sick. 
i do put a blanket and a empty toilet roll in for her to play with
fruit tree branches are great too and good for their teeth!
always make sure your bunny has hay unlimited.
another quite handy and important thing is a toilet.
bunnies are very clean from nature and do their needs at the same place
so if you put the toilet on the place she pees or poos most, you get your bunnie litter trained easily!
i always use a water bottle ánd a bowl of water in the cage
cause when i just got melle i only had a water bottle, and after a few days i discovered
that stupid thing didn't work (happens often with these things) and melle was só thirsty
and i felt so guilty. so from then on; two ways to get water =p
in the last picture i show you a close-up from the bedding i use
it's called back-2-nature and it's from recyled materials
besides it takes aways the rabbit smell better than any bedding i've tried before!
and (that's the main reason why i don't just use straw, which is múch cheaper) 
it's dust-free. 

hahah well i guess that's it!
 if you got any other question i'd be happy to try giving you an answer

zondag 9 december 2012

the round carpet

tiny preview on tomorrows look
i found the carpet in a thrift shop and fell in love with it
it has such a charme and i lovelove it's round shape!
now i'm going to cook dinner for cees and me
and give melle a carrot.
(when she eats a carrot she gets an orange 'beard' hahah. it's cute)

it's been a while

yesterday my mum and i drove to my appartment with a huuuge pile of clothes
i think you'll find them online for sale within a week! 
oh! i dyed my hair again. it was some kind of henna, but easier to use.
(real henna is like cow poop on your head and it always end up in a huge mess)
i think it turned out lovely! 
now i am going to dragggg myself out of this warm bed.
have a lovely sunday dear readers (:

vrijdag 7 december 2012

question me

how did you and cees meet?
about 5 years ago we met on the internet, actually!
a lot of people have prejudices about falling in love trough the internet
but i believe it's a good thing you can't judge someone about the way he/she looks. 
we just started chatting and really connected. after two years of chatting, phoning and webcamming
we decided it was time to meet eachother in real life.
i was so incredibly nervous -what if he didn't like me now- but when i met him at the trainstation
it just felt like he walked right out of the computer into my life
he asked me to be his girlfriend that day and untill today i luckily am (:

picture from the first day cees and i were together.

do you ever feel nervous or uncomfortable about the fact that so many people read about you every day and that your life is pretty 'public' by now?
when i'm in my bed at night and can't sleep i sometimes get a creepy feeling about how much about me is on the internet. then i just want to pull the blankets over my head and don't think about it
 on the other hand; what's wrong with people knowing things about you.
though there's still enough you guys don't know hahah.

what is your favourite book?
do you like classical music or did/do your parents listen to it? how come you had a piano at home? and do you miss it now that you moved out?
 my mom used to play the piano. she has been taking classes for 10 years!
i think everyone in my family likes at least some classic music. Ludovico Einaudi for example is something you can hardly dislike!
i really do miss my piano a lot. playing an instrument is such a calming thing to do
i might buy a secondhand guitar and start teaching myself how to play!

do you feel loved by your parents? what kind of people are they?
 i feel incredibly loved by my parents! they're very easygoing, social, loving, sweet, smart and open minded people. they have always stood behind me, no matter what happened, and i'm really really gratefull for them and for the fact that they are still in love

tell us about melle!
melle is the monster under my bed. she's 2 years old, born on the 6th of september
she's a teddy widder bunny, a race that requirs a lot of care!
what are the things that make your relationship with Cees work? what do you love the most about him? have you ever argued?
i believe that as long as you make the things you break, things will turn out fine.
mmh. what i love most about him? the smile he smiles when he actually doesn't want to smile.
and ofcourse we argue as well, it's part of having a relationship!  

do people in your city/country recognize you on the street? how does that make you feel?
every now and then, yes. i always think it's very flattering but mostly scary
i'm always afraid people think i'm not pretty in real life.
which item will never leave your closet?
the dress i wear in this picture!
it's been my moms and it's quite an unique and old piece!

woensdag 5 december 2012


melle and me on the train today
when i asked you all what you'd like to see on my blog
i got a few requests on doing a 'question and answer post'
and even though i answered about 7000 on my formspring already;
i'll doooo it!
so write your burning questions down below 
(please don't start about my hair, cause really, i just cut it twice a year, don't use any magic product - just the shampoo that's closest to me in the shower- and dye it with henna - colour is called 'red' and it got bright at the tips by the sun!)  then i'll pick a few 
and answer them honestly and longer than just 'yes' or 'no' in another post.

dinsdag 4 december 2012


hihi, some random pictures out of my webcam folder.

ever since i get sponsored i hardly spend any money on clothes anymore
i didn't spend a lot on it before already, and if i did i bought things on sale or second hand
 but now i just buy socks.
so i found myself some super lovely socks again!
you'll see them any soon.
  and aw, melle fell off the stairs today!
but don't worry; she's fine
she just looked kinda suprised and wanted a hug.
 tomorrow melle and i are going back to my parents house for a few days.
and now i'm going to bed early, sweet dreams!

maandag 3 december 2012

maxi taxi

as promised; some more pictures from this look (:
i really feel so comfortable wearing it! 
last night it has been snowing
even though i don't like winter, snow is always something pretty to see.
unfortunately in the city it doesn't last too long!

zondag 2 december 2012

floral vintage

a tiny preview on tomorrows look.
(i get a lot of comments about having boring poses,
 but i'm just not a great poser, so sorry.)

i'm a little ill since i haven't slept last night
so tonight i'm just cuddeling up to cees and melle
and watch a feelgood movie.

did you know?

did you know..
that this is the old lady i visit every week?
and that this cat reminds me of crookshanks, hermoines cat?
and this one i just want to cuddle all day long.
and that i really miss the time
back when wobbe still slept in my bed like a human on her back
sometimes when i pat melle, i feel a little bit like the boss
from Team Rocket in pokémon. you know, the guy with the cat.
awwwr melle has the most adorable face!
you might wonder; why such a strange post?
it's because i have been awake all night and i was done with it
so i went downstairs (i can still hear cees snorring though)
made myself a cup of tea and a strange post.
have a lovely sunday