zaterdag 5 januari 2013

black insomnia

 coat - romwe
hat - h&m

such a different look than usual, but i love it actually
unfortunately i look kinda sleepy in every shot
but that's because i really can't sleep for the past two weeks
melle is really being funny
after 2 years of having everything in her cage on the exact same place
she suddenly started redecorating it.
and when i put it back where it was, she starts dragging it back to the new place xd
she's just adorable.

42 opmerkingen:

  1. just awesome shots. love them.

  2. hey i heard that you live in holland? am i right? ik ben uitwisselingsstudent en ik woun nu in Amersfoort and my mission in spot you somewhere in holland and come to ask hand writing!!! hahah no just kidding but i really think that youre cool person and i absolutely love youre style, so... can you tell me where in holland you live hhaha, just the city? :-) dank je wel! doei!

  3. you look perfect in every photo! this is definitely my favorite post! <3

  4. how awesome shots. and oh my, lovely melle! xd

  5. That picture where you are only showing your eyes is gorgeous, i love it ♥
    I hope you no longer have trouble sleeping.

  6. you look SO different! I have such a love for your blog and outfits xox

  7. I'm in love with the simplicity of these pictures that make them so beautiful.

  8. fine photos, but i prefer you in happier shots (:
    take care of yourself!

  9. How can you not afford a second bunny but all these clothes?

    1. Who says she can't afford another bunny? If you would actually read what she writes, you would know that companies sent her clothes for free.

    2. How did you get that idea? Why would she want a second bunny?

    3. it's true, i don't buy all these clothes, it's because i get sponsored by companies. before that, i mostly bought things on sale or secondhand.
      i really do not try to pretend i can replace the companionship of another bunny, but if you get a second bunny you have to be able to take good care of it, and i'm not sure i could.

    4. I like that your always yourself Nadia, your honest thats okay why hang on to what other folks are saying we not in your shoes so if you have your reasons why feel forced to do anything eals then that.

  10. Awesome look, its really mysterious and artistic. I love have bunnies my 2 wee ones just run all over the flat its great :D

    Hayley xx

  11. Hey, I really like your style and especially your hair. How do you get it so voluminous? Or is it just already so beautiful when you wake up in the morning? regards :-)

  12. Wauw, mooie foto's! Wie neemt al je foto's of gebruik je zelfontspanner?

  13. Looks a little bit different than usual but that's amazing, too! :-)

  14. What a beutiful coat! Suits you very well :) Love, the cat

  15. These are amazing, but I still find it you look the best in yellow :P
    I'm not sure why, I suppose it's because it's such a happy color... and it goes wickedly well with your hair color :)

  16. Your best look so far. It looks much more... Sober, or something. More thought out. The photography and editing is perfect as well. Hope you start feeling better soon!

    1. Sober is a good word hahaha in the other looks its a little like messed up kind of like she Smokes Weed or something untiedy. This look is more cleaner and orderd.

  17. These photos are beautiful, they purvey such feeling.
    I'd also love to own that coat! It's so classic

  18. Staat je heel mooi deze outfit en hoop dat je snel weer goed slaapt. Kan de dokter je er misschien niet iets voor geven? Succes! xx

  19. Wow, that is so different! But I like it!
    I hope you're ok! =)

    xx, eleonora

  20. So cool! You really look like a vampire, especially on the third picture. But at the same time this outfit is contemporary.

  21. Wow. I love the outfit! so simplistic, very beautiful

  22. ik vind de eerste twee foto's echt fantastisch

  23. This is by far my favorite outfit of yours! I think black makes your pale skin and red hair pop even more, and I think that's a good thing. A change is nice every now and then :)

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