woensdag 2 januari 2013

happy new year and a lack of updates

thanks dawn and lucia for these amazing drawings!
i know i'm a little late
but i just wanted to wish you all a happy new year
i'm sorry for my lack of updates
but here's the explaination:

23 opmerkingen:

  1. happy new year nadia (:
    ik hoop dat alles snel beter zal gaan voor je en dat dit een fantastisch jaar voor je gaat worden!

  2. Happy new year!!! :D
    I hope you get better soon!

  3. Happy New Year,lovely Nadia <3!Oh,and I'm very glad you like my drawing.It's actually a present for you

    1. I hope you'll get better and will smile in every situation.Some people on here are right,the beginning of 2013 didn't bring happiness for everyone,but it's okay.Everything is going to be fine,even if it doesn't seem sometimes.In any case,there's hope!Don't pay attention to the ones who criticize you or judge you,because their opinions don't count as much as your opinion of yourself.Again said,I hope you'll get better.
      Here's a very big hug from me!

  4. Oh Nadia! I understand completely. It's okay <3 I hope you feel happy very soon xx Happy New Year!

  5. Awww I love those drawings! Happy new year Nadia! <3 x


  6. Ooh dear Nadia :( this makes me feel sad also
    I deeply hope everything will work out fine, whatever your issues may be... and that 2013 will bring you all the joy, warmth and happiness you deserve.
    But whatever happens, remember that problems and sadness only make you stronger than you already are.
    Grief ends, eventually. So don't give up, lovely, you can do this!


  7. you are my inspiration..the cutest girl that i have ever seen, your parents must be proud of you. Best wishes for New Year.

    Monika from Poland

  8. you look a bit tired on this photo...
    sure u will be ok!

  9. Some talented folks who drew these. Wonderful!

  10. Ik zag pas aan het einde dat hij op een opblaasgitaar speelde, hihi! Ik wens je ál het goeds in 2013! :)

  11. This video made me laugh so much and i hope you will update more when you done your laundry! (just joking, i hope you feel better because i miss you here) And a happy new year to you, too <3

  12. Happy New Year!! Take your time with posts and never feel rushed; your readers will always be here when you decide to come back with a renewed spirit :)


  13. Yeah, the begginning of this new year wasn't really happy and amazing for all of us, so I see..
    But I feel it's gonna be a good year. After some solutions...

  14. Wonderful video made me laugh.

    Wish you many laughs this new year.

  15. I hope that u will laugh and feel happy soon. We are waiting for you, but take your time.

  16. I like how you still manage to turn up here with a funny video like that - I don't find the words in English right now, it's a special kind of humor, a sad one, with truth in it, but humor nonetheless. You know, people who manage using humor despite being really really sad are more likely to find their way out again :)


  17. dear nadia, have a blessed and happy new year, may all your wises come true.

  18. Aw darling, I hope you feel better soon! You are amazing! Hugs from Norway

  19. Wauw, hele mooie tekeningen. Toch gelukkig nieuwjaar en hoop dat je je gauw weer beter voelt!! xx


  20. is het uit?
    you broke up with your friend?

  21. love these outfits! Those flowerprints and the pastels are gorgeous! Think I'm going to buy a short with flowerprint! Love it!
    LA Fashion