woensdag 9 januari 2013

i am grey

lately i have watched The perks of being a wallflower, which was an absolutely lovely movie. i loved emma watson and didn't expected that. 300, which is about Sparta and was awesome
this is 40, which makes me hope that's not going to be my life. 
Jackie, which is one of the few good dutch movies and holly hunter plays in it as well!
 Spirit the stallion of the cimarron, which used to be my favourite movie when i was about 12 years old.
The tourist, which was great because it has both Johnny Depp ánd Angelina Jolie in it.
Twillight breaking dawn part II, which i only watched because i've read all the books and i thought they were quite nice to read, so i started the movies as well. i can hardly get myself trough them, but because i've gotten so far allready i figured i should watch the last one as well.
the best scene was the fighting scene and it didn't even excist in the book.
now i need some new movies. any suggestions?

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  1. i loved the perks of being wallflower so much :)
    same opinion on breaking dawn II ;)

    i'm really looking forward to watch "Django Unchained" - but not sure if you'll like it?(:
    i actually love every movie of Quentin Tarantino ^.^

  2. I'm guessing you've seen The Hobbit? :D

    1. i still want to go see it in the cinema!

    2. You definitely should! It is wonderful :)

  3. I started to watch The perks of Being a Wallflower too, but haven't finished it yet :) But I love Emma Watson in it! :D

    Here are my 10 "you have to watch necessarily" suggestions :) and some others I love :)

    1. Vincent will Meer (A german movie about a young man, who suffers from the Tourette-Syndrom and gets into a clinic where he meets 2 friends and they steal a car to drive to the sea :D a tragic comedy)

    2. Candy (A drama with Heath Ledger ... it's about deep love and the destroying power of drugs)

    3. Pride & Prejudice (with Keira Knightley ... oh I love the dialogs and the clothes because it playes in a time where we had kings and queens :D!)

    4. My Blueberry Nights (wonderful love story with Norah Jones and Jude Law :)

    5. Sarah's Key (Touching movie about a girl, who locked her young brother into a wardrobe, because the Nazis came to bring the family into the concentration camp ... but she wants to go back to her brother and no one can stop her)

    6. The Secret Life of Bees (omg you have to watch this wonderful movie! I'm sure you would like it!! :)

    7. To Rome With Lov (Funny movie, maybe you already know it? :)

    8. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (based on a book by Jonathan Safran Foer, a boy loses his father at 9/11 and finds a key in his stuff ... now he does everything to find the lock! Very touching and just great! With Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock :)

    9. The Help (great movie about a journalist, who wants to write a book about the black women, who have to take care of white childrens in the 60ies ... very touching but funny too! :)

    and other movies: Midnight in Paris, Black Swan, Enough, Man under Fire, Water for the elephants, My week with Marylin ...

    I hope I could inspire you a little and you will watch some of them :) I would be curious about your opinion ;)

    have a wonderful evening, dear Nadia

    <3 Elisabeth

    1. i knew about half of it, and we've got quite the same taste in movies! except i seldom watch heavy movies anymore. it always gets me so sad! but water for elephants, hell yes! finally i know what the title was, thanks so much!

    2. The last film that I can't seem to forget about is The Time Traveller's Wife!

    3. vincent will meer is so special! i was like asdfghjkl because i didn't expect anyone to know it :D and elisabeth your taste in movies is lovely :3 do you happen to know the movie mermaids with winona ryder and christina ricci? it's such a feel-good movie, especially the last scene.

    4. @nadiaesra

      Oh yes and I recognized, that we also have a similar taste in music ;) I also try to watch less heavy movies, because I'm always so sensitive, but on the other hand these are mostly the movies, where you can think about so much and also get new perspectives and inspirations ... Oh and water for elephants touched me a lot too but the end was just great :)

      @anoniem: I've watched it recently and even if it's a drama it has so many funny scenes I think :) And no I don't know your suggested movie, but it sounds really nice! Thank you ... I was looking for some new movies anyway! :D


  4. 21 grams with sean penn.
    biutiful by innaritu with javier bardem.
    amores perros by innaritu with gael garcia bernal.
    unmade beds by alexis dos santos.
    mystic river by clint eastwood with sean penn.

    you might see, i like melancholic movies. if you also do you got to see these!

  5. Pina ~ This is a really really beautiful film about dance and Pina which was an amazing artist
    I really recommend it !

    And Virgin suicide one of the most brilliant film of Sofia Coppola, i'm sure that you've already seen it ^-^

  6. Watch "Hachiko", the film with the dog! It's so so so sad but also very beautiful. You might cry though c:

  7. spirited away, fight club, stay,inception are my all time fav movies to watch.

  8. Brave, van Disney, over een roodharig meisje.
    The ultimate gift. Over een jongen die moet werken voor zijn erfenis en vrienden wordt met een meisje met leukemie. Heel bijzonder en mooi.
    Hoop dat je er wat aan hebt :)

  9. amelie! te leuke film :) en in het frans ^^

  10. The Help, Moonrise Kingdom, Submarine, and The Dreamers are all very exceptionally lovey films! x

  11. i think you should watch "where the wild things are" it's a really nice movie :)

    1. A very lovely one indeed. Have you read the book too?
      I would advise anyone to read the book (The Wild Things) as well, cause I personally think the book is even better. :)

    2. not yet, unfortunately i don't have the book, but as soon as i find a copy i will definitely read it :)

  12. Fantastic Mr fox is my very favorite film!

  13. Have you watched Trainspotting? It's one of my favorites, it was made in the 90s and Ewan McGregor plays in it :)

  14. Sedmikrásky (whcih would be something like, crazy daisies), La cience des reves, Jeux d'enfants and Motivos para no enamorarse. Specially the first two, they are so lovely.

  15. spring, summer, autumn, winter and spring
    dit is een koreaanse film, maar ik denk dat ie jou wel aanspreekt :)super mooie film met mooie levenswijsheden

  16. Lost in Translation, Oldboy, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (American), The Royal Tenanbaums, Darjeeling Lmtd, Enduring Love, 5 Centimetres per Second, The Lives of Others

  17. I loved The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Met een gezicht vol tranen in de bioscoop gezeten.
    Wat films die me nu zo even te binnen schieten: Ensemble C'est Tout, Submarine, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Boy A, Big Fish, Adam (this one's really cute), Midnight in Paris, Beginners, Nowhere Boy, Control, A Single Man.

  18. what about "the game" "chloé" or "breakfast at tiffany's"?

    and by the way: love your picture! =)

  19. If you like J.Depp you should watch 'Dark shadows'. I really enjoyed it - well I like Tim Burton movies.
    And I kind of fancied watching 'the city of ember'. I thought it was different movie : )

  20. Stardust, echt mooi en een beetje fantasie wat je misschien wel aanspreekt. Als je ook op zoek bent naar leuke series zou ik naar Merlin kijken, mijn favoriet, over magie in de middeleeuwen.

  21. Perfume the story of a murderer

  22. Dear Nadia, here are my suggestions for you: Pride&Prejudice, One day, Elizabethtown, Chocolat, Blowup, Romantics Anonymous, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Finding Neverland, Miss Potter, The Artist, Dead Poets Society, Cinema Paradiso, The Duchess. I think you would like them ;)

    Monika from Poland

  23. Here's a couple I'm not sure you already know (reading your blog I found out you already watched almost all my favourite movies :D)!
    One of my favourite feelgood movie is "Annie Hall" (1977), a comedy written by Woody Allen.
    The Jewish comic actor Elvy and the singer Annie just broke up, and Elvy begins to tell the audience about their love story from his point of view, trying to understand what went wrong. I think it's brilliant and it has some really fun parts in it!
    Here's a tiny bit in which Elvy and Annie have their first conversation and some subtitles show what they're really thinking about each other :D

    And if you like French movies, you should definitely watch "La haine" by Mathieu Kassovitz, with Vincent Cassel (1995). It's about three twenty-year-old friends who live in the banlieues (the poor suburbs) of Paris. "Haine" means hate, and the whole film seem to focus on how people can react to hate.
    It's one of my favourite movies! Here's an amazing excerpt:


    1. Yeah !! French movie !!
      .. Hum.. Yes, it's true I'm french..

  24. why don't you like twilight? i love it!

    1. it's just too melodramatic for my taste. and bella just has the same face in every single shot.

  25. "lullaby for pi", moeilijk te vinden in de winkels, maar wel op internet

  26. Mariana Laranjeiro9 januari 2013 22:26

    jeux d'enfants :) truly one of the best movies I've ever seen, ever! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0364517/plotsummary

  27. Moonrise Kingdom is een leuke! Twee 'pre-teens' die op een eiland wonen en besluiten weg te lopen. Speelt zich af in 1965 . Is echt een aanrader!

  28. Arizona Dream from Emir Kusturica, I think you would love it !( Dead Man with Johnny Depp as well)

  29. Hoi Nadia,

    ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, die moet je echt gezien hebben.
    't Is mijn lievelingsfilm en staat op nummer 1 wat mijn top betreft.


    ps: Ik zou het heel leuk vinden als je mij een keer vertelt wat je ervan hebt gevonden.

  30. wow youve watched loads! Im a bit of a film geek too! I love the perks of being a wallflower i really want to see this is 40 maybe see it next week... I cant think of any films right now to suggest! THe tourist is great too!

    Hayley xx

  31. if you haven't watched it yet - watch INTO THE WILD! one of the best movies i have seen.
    Other movies could be 'my sister's keeper' and 'once' (i love the music in it!)

  32. "Into the wild"
    one of the best movies I've seen

  33. Les Choristes, A Little Princess (1995) and Dead Poets Society are wonderful.

  34. Dear Nadia, you should watch Moonrise Kingdom! It's such a lovely movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP0QJ_Ba1Bs.

  35. Hey Nadia,
    have you watched Paris? It is a French movie, and its really beautiful, great actors.

  36. The Hobbit is the best. I can't wait until the second movie next christmas! Yesterday I watched a great movie: district 9. I usually don't like scifi movies but this one is very beautiful and touching in all its hideousness. <3 I cried when cristoffer went back to hes planet...

  37. Shutter island with leonardo di caprio
    a beautiful mind with russell crowe
    i totally recommend these (:

  38. Anna Karenina! I've been waiting to watch this movie for sooo long. I actually love all Joe Wright films so... the cast is amazing! just to name a few: Keira knightkey, Aaron johnson, Jude law, Mathew mcfadyen...

  39. I generally recommend you all Joe Wright films (Joe Wright is my favourite director:) ). they're all sooo great! . my favourite one is ''atonement''. You should watch this!

  40. You should totally watch Moonrise Kingdom and Romantics Anonymus. It's a french movie and it's super cute!! Original title is Les émotifs anonymes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKCWELGjpg8

  41. Submarine is a great film but my all time favourite is Leon the Professional :)

  42. Beautiful mind, the king's speech, the amazing spider-man, the dark knight trilogy, robin hood with russel crowe, 8 mile, revolutionary road, forrest gump

  43. After Harry Potter and Twilight ? Hunger Games is very cool, and the movie is amazing, very good cast.
    After with movie.. Leon ( with Gary Oldman and Nathalie Portman when she had 12 years old, and .. Jean Reno french actor)... Tristan and Yseult (James Franco and Sophia Myles, very sad but beautiful). "Le Magasin des suicides", it's a animation movie, strange but with amazing design.. French and Canadian staff. Hummm ... I search... Dark world (with Eva Green *o*), all Tarantino's movie, The Godfather (trilogie). I'm work in a cinema's school in Paris, I seen every day 4 or 5 movies ... So I have a very long list..

  44. mijn movie tips:

    The Shawshank redemption (blijft een hele goede movie)

    Leon (met jonge nathalie portman).

    Argo (gebaseerd op een waargebeurd verhaal) met Ben Affleck,

    Fight club blijft voor mij een classic :) (met brad pitt)
    evenals The usual suspects (blijft geniaal)

    Snow white and the huntsman vond ik erg mooi (ook al speelt er Kristin Stweart in,laat je hierdoor vooral niet tegenhouden!)

    Een tip is dat je kan kijken naar de IMDB top 250 --> http://www.imdb.com/chart/top

    ALvast veel kijkplezier! Hoop dat je iets eraan hebt.

  45. Ondine with colin farrell
    Amelie with Audrey Tautou
    The Illusionist (silent animation, if you like this one you might also like the Triplets of Belleville)
    How to Steal A Million with Audrey Hepburn

  46. Stand By Me (1985) and Road to Perdition (2002) are a couple of my favourites, they are both a bit dark in theme but very beautiful to watch. If you liked Perks of Being a Wallflower I think you'll enjoy Stand By Me if you haven't seen it. Road to Perdition is about a boy and his gangster father in the 1930s and it's just a stunning piece of cinema.

  47. Le scaphandre et le papillon, by Julian Schnabel. It's a deep movie and perhaps you can enjoy it too. <3

  48. 1.) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    2.) Léon
    3.) 7 Psychopaths
    4.) Fight CLub
    5.) Forrest Gump
    6.) The Green Mile
    7.) Four Lions
    8.) Suicide Kings
    9.) Donnie Darko
    10.) Blade Runner
    11.) Old Boy
    12.) The Boondock Saints
    13.) Shutter Island
    14.) Memento
    15.) Zombieland
    16.) Shaun of the Dead
    17.) Hot Fuzz
    .....and many many more :D