donderdag 3 januari 2013

the tourist

coat - romwe
quite a different shot than i normally take
but i kinda like being creepy.
today i shot a lot of looks
you can find the first one here!
now i'm gonna cuddle up with melle, a blanket, soup and a movie

27 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh my gosh, this shot is AMAZING. Seriously, who cares about creepy when you look STUNNING!?


  2. hihii how sympathetic, have happy cuddlings our creepy nadia! <3 what are you going to watch?

  3. Hey there lovely Nadia :3
    This looks so amazing! <3 I really like the coat, but I´m more amazed by your beauty marks, haha! They look so sweet, all in a row like that. (you of course look great, as always <3)
    I hope you´re feeling better today? If not, I´ve got some music tips for you since music helps everyone! ;) Maybe check out these cool people, if you don´t happen to know all of them already:
    Noah and the whale
    Neil Halstead
    Wolf Larsen
    The xx
    The Lumineers
    Greg Laswell
    The Paper Kites
    aaand that´s it for the moment, haha 8´D Just randomly writing you because I have to stay inside since I´m really sick and music always helps me to feel a little better :)
    Have a lovely evening <33

    1. aw thanks so much!
      someone sending me music always feels like getting a present. and i didn't knew them all hahah!
      i hope you get well soon!<3

    2. haha, no problem :)
      I´ll give you another track to listen to that I find absolutely wonderful:
      Ed Sheeran-wake me up.
      I bet you´ve heard of him before but I don´t know whether you know that song and since it´s my favourite at the moment I really want to share it, haha 8´D
      thank you dear :)

    3. You really should listen to The XX :))

  4. It is my birthday today and the one best presents yet is a new post from you. I adore you. xxx Liza

  5. gorgeous photo you look awesome! Great coat! You look amazing in it :) Plus also you should listen to The XX they are amazing!

    Hayley xx

  6. love this unique. <3 xx

  7. Creepy is always the most fun. ;) And this shot is stunning.

  8. Hele gave foto! xx

  9. I absolutely love both of your looks.
    Noticed you're starting to post a lot less, and less photos lately.
    Hope you are doing well.
    No need to do more than what you feel like doing.
    I personally know editing a bunch of pics to post is quite time consuming, so I understand.
    Wish you a lovely night.

  10. just an awesome look. as always.

  11. you keep posting about not posting yet you make new posts all the time

  12. This coat is lovely! You should try out more shots like this. All your looks are really charming, keep it up (:

  13. is het uit?
    you broke up with your friend?

    Ik hoop het niet!!!

  14. I love it when you try something different than what you usually do, because it mostly always turns out to be very good! So keep on doing that every once in a while.
    Oh and I love your four litte beauty spots above your right eye. When I saw them first I thought they were painted on but now I am pretty sure, they're real. So extraordinary! I am a bit jealous for them, haha :)

    Oh and last but not least, here's song you might enjoy:

    I wish you all the best!

  15. I really love your look!! You are always creative and innovative. So stunning!

    With Love, Susan

  16. You look lovely, the coat is great! :)x


  17. Love the coat. Do you know the name of the coat? I looked on the romwe site, but I can't figure out which one it is or if they even sell it anymore.

  18. Zeer cool! Doet me denken aan zo'n jaren 20 detective,
    met zo'n iemand aan de straathoek onder de straatverlichting.