donderdag 31 januari 2013

pretty pink

 i hardly ever wear pink, but this old pink is worth trying out sometime!
i got it at Ianywear
yesterday i invited julia and ruben over to eat dinner at our place
it was quite lovely, and my coocking was nice as well!
and today i've been shooting the clothes that i'm going to sell.
i might put them up tomorrow!

under the tower

when i asked you what you'd like to see on my blog i got a lot of requests
on pictures of places and things i like.
so when cees and i took a walk trough the park, he took some pictures for me!
on the second picture you can see the tower we live close by.
and i like these croocked trees
(do you think the last shot is a nice one for on lookbook?)

maandag 28 januari 2013


hans took the train to me and melle in breda
and we had a lovely day together
and now we're going to watch pretty woman
(i'm in loooove with julia roberts in this movie!)

zondag 27 januari 2013

second hand treasure day!

 (i really like this last shot hahaha)

today i went to a flea market nearby with cees, marten, megan and cees' mom
it's some kind of treasure island for people who like old stuff
but on these markets they always sell the best clothes!
i got this cardigan and velvet blouse/dress and a lace skirt, all for only 5 euros.
i also found something to play with for melle, but it smells like cat.

vrijdag 25 januari 2013


today i've watched two chubby pigeons bossing two jackdaws around
on our roof. birds are funny to watch.
then i went outside to the market and bought warm bread, fruits and herbs for melle
if you have a bunny, you should try giving them as well!
does anyone long for a post about good fruits, vegetables and herbs for bunnies?

donderdag 24 januari 2013

favourite looks on lookbook

thanksies for all the ideas!
now i'll show you some of my favourite looks by some of my favourite lookbookers

first off, my absolutely favourite on lookbook is nadja seale.
she has an extraordinary face, feminin style with most of the time a boy-ish touch.
 as you might have guessed; i love the earthy colours she wears.
and on top of all that, she's the ónly one i've ever seen wearing leopard-print leggings
and manages nót to look cheap or too sexy!
then there's violet e.
boots, long messy hair, dark colours, sunglasses, pants
even though many of her looks are way too dark for me personally
violet just deserves to be called 'cool'.
 and last but not least; cosette munch.
i don't believe i'd wear something she wears
but this lady just has her own style, and gee, doesn't it look good on her!

sweet wob

i've just had a lovely time with my sister yonna
when we were younger we used to fight a lot
but now we're growing older, we really get along so well!
and now i just wanted to say you all goodnight
so here it comes;
goodnight to the dreamers and the awake

dinsdag 22 januari 2013


hah i think this is súch a sweet shot from hans and me!
i send it to her and she agrees hahah.
i was wondering, would you like to see a post about my favourite lookbookers?
or anything else for that matter?
just send me some idea's and i'll see what i can do!
(mjaa, i just need some extra idea's every now and then haha
and i love your ideas!)

maandag 21 januari 2013


one of the best things about going back to my parents
is seeing my lovely wobbels again.
I mean, before i moved out she was practically always with me!
so when i come home she howls and jumps around me
just to get the biggest hug of them all.
then she lays down on her back and wiggles with her tail at me
i'll try to get that on camera sometime, because it's absolutely adorable hahah

zondag 20 januari 2013

the bunny

 aw, lookbook deleted my look!
however, i really like it!
the bunny sweater is from cozbest
and the amazing skirt is from awwdore

today cees and i turned into vampires for a pre-carnaval party
here in the city. it was really fun! 
but i'm not really used to drinking hahah, so i had enough quite early.
now cees and i are going to eat soup and watch tv
and have a lovely evening on our couch.
i wish you all a lovely night, too!

zaterdag 19 januari 2013

new years eve!

 i got my pictures from new years eve developed!
it's always such a suprise to see which pictures turned out lovely
and which had a finger in front of it hahah  (about 3..)
but as you can see, we had a lovely night (:

(oh and go see my new look! )

vrijdag 18 januari 2013

your colour

as i was removing and editing some pictures on my laptop
i wanted to see myself with my natural hair colour
because i can hardly remember what it looked like hah
so i tried to edit my hair to it's natural colour
but it ended up kinda scary xd
i think red suits me better because dark brown makes me look kinda ill-pale
don't you think?
if i am ever going to change my haircut, i'll do it drastic.
i'd go really short and donate my hair to some..
oh i don't know the english word for it, but they'd make wigs out of the donated hair
for people with cancer.

woensdag 16 januari 2013

hey busdriver

i just got home from an unpleasant ride.
i had to wait half an hour for the bus, when it came i lacked 10 cents
so the grumpy busdriver wouldn't let me come.
(thats just kinda mean, isn't it? 10 cents!)
then i walked my way to some place where i could get more money
and ended up in the bus with the same busdriver.
luckily it was so beautifull outside and i had some nice music on my phone to listen to.

dinsdag 15 januari 2013

snow fall

waistcoat - choies
sweater - h&m
high waisted skirt - oliveclothing
boots - romwe

mmm i love this fluffy waistcoat from choies!
i never really knew how to wear a waistcoat,
but with a high waisted skirt and a simple sweater it's pretty comfy!
because in the end, that's most imporant.
it's not all about looking lovely, it has to feel comfy and be wearable as well.
ánd warm, with this weather!
 i know i can be one big grumpy creature when it comes to winter
but when it snows, i have nothing bad to say.
it's just wonderfull! 
i love watching the snow fall
and pick a single snowflake and follow it all the way down to earth with my eyes 

maandag 14 januari 2013

it's january, again

as always when it's january, i start to long for summer.
for sunlight and warm bare feet
for soft sand on the beach and the smell of the flowers after a spring rain
these pictures are from my last holiday in portugal
and as i look at them, i wish i could go back
what a lovely country!